Why you should book solar installation and electrical work in advance

Whenever it comes to any home improvement or home maintenance projects, it’s best to contact the professionals early. Doing so has many advantages! For example, booking these appointments in advance can save money and time.

Solar Ninjas Energy Solutions in Edmonton is an electrical company specializing in solar panel installation, electric vehicle (EV) charger installation, panel upgrades, and more. They give a few reasons why you should book your solar installation (and other electrical installations) sooner rather than later.

Secure your booking

Spring and summer are the busiest time for electrical work and solar panel installation. If you wait until the busy season to make your appointment, you’ll find it challenging to get a spot. The best strategy for guaranteeing your slot is to book in advance. Contact your electrician now to start the process and be first in line for the next spring and summer seasons.

Reduce waiting time

It’s normal to wait between booking your appointment and the start of a project. This is true even in the slow season! Consequently, it’s a good idea to make appointments in advance. That way, you already have the process started with Solar Ninjas. Booking later means you’ll have to wait longer.

Improve pricing

One of the unfortunate truths about the world is that prices usually go up. However, booking in advance allows your contractor to plan materials and the workflow efficiently. Sometimes, this can hold lower prices for you. Cost increases due to supply chain, pandemic issues, transportation and labour shortages can be reduced or eliminated if your deposit is paid and orders secured wherever possible.

More time to source materials

Throughout the pandemic and even now, many materials have become harder to come by. With global supply chain issues and the generally slower transportation of goods, it can take longer to get the necessary products and materials. If you make an appointment with your electrician in advance, they have more time to source the materials for your project. In the end, this speeds up the installation.

Consider off-season work

Solar Ninjas can tackle electrical installations, including EV chargers, electrical panel upgrades, and some solar projects partially or entirely during slower periods. Booking some work in the off-season smooths out labour requirements and helps out your contractor. In turn, they can help you with extra consideration, pricing, and focused attention. Additionally, off-season work and booking in advance allow your contractor to fit your project in around a cancellation or work change.

Gain peace of mind!

Rest easy knowing your project is under control and a professional team is responsive to your needs. Booking ahead allows extra time to fix any surprises, reduces stress, and gives peace of mind. Reduce the frantic nature of home improvements by booking ahead. You’ll benefit from a positive home improvement experience!

Get to know your contractor

Booking your solar installation in advance provides the perfect time to get to know your contractor! This helps to determine if they’re the right fit and allows time to plan more complex projects. Building a familiar partner-type relationship with your contractor increases confidence and satisfaction in your project. It also allows you to be a responsive team when things inevitably change with the project. Trust, authority, confidence and connection make your project smoother and more efficient.

Electricians in Edmonton & Solar Panels in Edmonton

Solar Ninjas Energy Solutions have more than 25 years of residential and commercial electrical experience in Edmonton. Additionally, they were one of the first companies to offer solar in Alberta! Whether you need electrical repair, maintenance, solar installation, or a panel upgrade, their experienced technicians can help. Ask about their RenovationFind special for long-term pre-bookings!

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