Why you should build a composite deck this spring

If your old wood deck is in disrepair or you would like to build a brand-new deck to enhance your outdoor living space, consider building a composite deck instead of a traditional wood deck. Bright Habitats are general contractors and deck builders in Edmonton. They share why you should consider composite for your decking material.

Composite decking requires very little maintenance.

Unlike a wood deck that needs to be sanded, stained or painted every other year, a composite deck requires little to no maintenance. Clean it off easily in the spring with the garden hose or a little soap and water and it will look new again. Composite decking is also resistant to fading and stains, ensuring lasting beauty.

Composite decking is strong and durable.

As mentioned, composite decking resists fading and staining, but it also stands up against dents, scratching, mold, rot, cracking and warping. You’ll never have to worry about insects getting into it. Basically, your composite deck will have none of the things you disliked about your old wood deck, including splinters!

Composite is a sustainable building material.

Composite decking is often manufactured using recycled materials from common items like shopping bags and other plastics. Since your composite deck is nearly indestructible, it won’t need to be replaced as often meaning less materials in the landfill. The deck boards can be made to mimic the look of real wood, without the environmental impact.

Composite decking is attractive.

When you install a composite deck, you get a lot of options when it comes to colour, style and design. Bright Habitats will help you design a deck that best suites your needs for function and style. Choose from a wide variety of colours and wood grain patterns, railing options, gates, pergolas and more. Whether you want a subtle grey or a bright and vibrant colour, composite decking gives you plenty of options without having to worry about painting or staining. Find inspiration for your new deck with these composite deck ideas on Pinterest.

Composite decking adds value to your property.

Not only is this functional living space attractive to potential buyers, making your home more marketable if you ever choose to sell, it will also allow you to increase your listing price. Although a composite deck is more expensive to install initially, when you factor in the money you’ll save on on-going maintenance, you can expect your composite deck to pay for itself over time.

Deck Builders in Edmonton

Whether you need a brand new custom composite deck, or the full-on transformation of your existing backyard into an outdoor lifestyle space, look no further than Bright Habitats! They create and come up with creative and artistic solutions that will make your yard your personal oasis and escape.

Get started on your backyard project. Call Bright Habitats!


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