Why you should choose hardie-plank siding

All year-round, your siding takes a beating from the weather conditions. Canada’s always-changing weather is no exception. If your siding is looking a little worse for wear, a great option to replace it with is Hardie plank siding. It’s a material that’s becoming more and more popular, for good reason. The contractors at Elysium Exteriors in Edmonton know this material well. Here are some of the benefits of Hardie plank siding.

It’s versatile in appearance

Have a certain style or look in mind? Not a problem! Hardie plank comes in many styles and textures including plank, shingle, and shake-style siding. It also comes in a wide range of colours. You can easily match the material to the rest of your house with no lack of choice Another feature to note about the colour is how it won’t fade as quickly has its vinyl counterpart. It stands up well to UV rays and weather, so your new siding won’t lose it’s luster any time soon. The colour is baked into the plank before installation to keep your siding colour brighter for longer.

Consequently, it improves curb appeal

Hardie plank siding is growing in popularity. If you’re looking to give your home a boost in curb appeal to appear to potential buyers, or just to make your house stand out from those of your neighbors, Hardie plank will certainly get the job done.

It’ll stand the test of time

You don’t want to have to replace siding regularly. It can be a big job, especially if you live in a larger home. Hardie plank siding is long-lasting. This material is rot and moisture resistant, as well as resistant to insects and pests. Because it is made of fiber-cement, it is also resistant to fire, making it a safer option for your home. It is also thicker than vinyl and aluminum siding. Not only does this offer better thermal performance, but it also makes it more durable. It’s less likely to break, crack, or rot, unlike other, thinner siding materials that may warp, fall off, or break over time.

Hardie plank siding comes warrantied, so on the rare occasion something happened you will be covered.

It’s weather-proof

As mentioned earlier, weather conditions can wear down and affect your home’s siding. Hardie plank is incredibly weather-proof and can withstand any weather conditions thrown at it. Strong winds, hail storms, rain, sleet, snow – it can stand up to whatever mother nature throws at it. Because your siding is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, having a material that is proven to protect your home is essential.

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

The siding contractors at Elysium Exteriors are experienced in installing vinyl siding, soffit, fascia, cladding, and Hardie products. No matter if your home is old or new, they are happy to serve homeowners of the Edmonton and Grande Prairie areas.

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