Why you should choose Kay2 Contracting for your Edmonton home renovation

The first step in any major home project is choosing the contractor to do the job. Whether you’re remodelling the kitchen or building a home addition, you’ll need an experienced, knowledgeable renovation contractor to manage the project.

Kay2 Contracting in Edmonton offers a full range of residential and commercial renovations. Here are some reasons they’re an excellent choice for your next home renovation:

Years of experience

You don’t want to hire a renovation company that doesn’t have many jobs under its belt. The team at Kay2 Contracting has over 25 years of combined experience in home construction. Their tradespeople are professional, highly-trained, and experts at their craft. Knowledge and experience allow for efficient installations, quick troubleshooting, and a smoother renovation process.

Service and communication

Renovations can be stressful, but they should be exciting! Open communication and honesty are vital in reducing stress during a major project. With Kay2, your project manager will meet with you regularly and provide weekly status emails. You’ll always know what is happening and what comes next. You’ll understand the project’s timeline, when decisions need to be made and have your questions and concerns addressed. Open communication is a vital part of excellent customer service. Quality service and communication show you the contractor’s commitment to your project and satisfaction.

Commitment to project timelines

Keeping a timeline reduces disruption in your home and allows you to enjoy your renovation sooner! Kay2 Contracting understands that timing is essential and valuable. Meticulous planning and scheduling will enable them to finish projects by the projected completion date. If something needs updating with the renovation timeline, you’ll never be in the dark. You’ll know how the project is progressing at all times.

Competitive pricing

Remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best price if you get quotes from multiple contractors. Quality products, qualified tradespeople, and professional project management experience are worth the cost. Kay2 offers competitive pricing and will be as cost-efficient as possible for the quality and value you receive. They also offer a price match guarantee, so let them know if you’ve received a lower bid from another qualified contractor. Investing in quality work ensures things won’t need repairing or replacing months or years after the project is complete.

Major Home Renovations in Edmonton

Kay2 Contracting’s vision is to provide premium renovation and home improvement solutions for every client. You’ll benefit from exceptional designs, service, professional work, and their honest and integral business practices. They understand that your home is a significant investment and take pride in creating the living spaces you’ve always wanted. If you’re renovating or building, choose Kay2 Contracting.

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