Why You Should Choose Norden Seal Windows

Norden Seal Windows in Winnipeg understands what windows can go through in harsh weather. As a result, they tailor their services and products to suit the needs of the region.

For doors, Norden Seal ties different styles and methods together for high-grade results. While for windows, new technologies provide excellent performance and longevity — even through Winnipeg’s weather conditions! Here, Norden Seal Windows shares more about why they are the best window company in Winnipeg.

State-of-the-art window technology

Norden Seal Windows knows that run-of-the-mill window technology won’t cut it for Winnipeg weather. That’s why they use new and innovative technology. Super Spacer is a dual-insulating glass system. Made of structural foam, this no-metal spacer resists condensation. This gives your windows in Winnipeg a longer lifespan and keeps them energy efficient.

Norden Seal stands behind Super Spacer’s all-foam formula as it has proven less conductive. Therefore, it blocks heat from escaping or entering through glass edges. In addition, this technology provides optimal thermal performance. Clients should also note that Super Spacer technology has the lowest U-value in the window industry.

Customer service and affordability

Outfitting a home with new windows, or even just replacing a few, can add up, and Norden Seal Windows gets it. This company ensures that financing is available for its customers. They also offer excellent terms, with 0% financing for an entire year. On top of this, you will save on annual energy costs because their window products are certified for energy efficiency. This is just another way Norden Seal delivers for its customers.

When you choose Norden Seal for your window or door replacement, they will also be there to walk you through each step of the process. This begins with professional installation, then moves into a review of the job. Next, with total customer satisfaction, your project will be complete.

Outstanding warranty

Once the door and/or window replacement is finished, you want to have complete confidence in the durability and longevity of your product and installation choices. Norden Seal Windows makes this easy with extensive warranties. Their window warranty comes complete with many features. These include a 25-year warranty on the vinyl frame and vinyl sash. Also, a 15-year warranty on painted windows and a 25-year warranty on insulated sealed units. Additionally, Norden Seal Windows provides a 25-year warranty on hardware. Their entire window, 25-year warranties are also non-prorated and fully transferable.

Contact Norden Seal Windows for your free estimate today and discover how they can up-level the windows and doors in your home or business.



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