Why you should choose recessed lighting

Imagine having a light that can work in any room and for multiple purposes. Choosing lighting during your home renovation can be challenging, but with recessed lighting is a multifunctional light that can and will work for every room and need!

Warren Electric in Edmonton is a professional electrical contractor company. They share the benefits of recessed lighting and the benefits it provides your home:

What is recessed lighting?

Unlike traditional lights that hang down from the ceiling, recessed lights are installed directly into the ceiling. Thanks to its design, it’s a very minimalist style of light that is quickly becoming popular among homeowners. The light itself is made up of three parts: the housing, the trim, and the bulb. The housing is what sits inside the ceiling and holds the electrical components. The trim and the bulb sit flush on the ceiling and both come in different styles to change the lights’ overall appearance. As for the trim, it comes in a range of different designs, shapes, and colours.

Benefits of recessed lights: a bigger room

The main benefit of recessed lighting is its ability to make any room feel bigger than it actually is. Since the light itself sits inside the ceiling, it takes up less visual space. Even in a small room, creating the illusion of a wide, open ceiling will make the room feel bigger. Recessed lights also create the effect of “wall washing” in rooms, which adds a sense of spaciousness. Wall washing is where the light is cast evenly across the room, but especially towards the walls. By highlighting walls, it adds an illusion of height to them, by drawing the eyes skyward. You can also combine the decor of the room with your lights to add a sense of spaciousness.

Recessed lights are multifunctional 

The rule of three is critical in any room design, but especially when it comes to proper lighting. The lighting rule of three means having the main source of ambient light, then task lighting and finally accent lighting. Typically, this is done by using different types of lighting, but recessed lights can work for all three in certain cases.

Ambient lighting is the most common type used for recessed lights, as ceiling lights are the main source of light. Accent lighting, on the other hand, is used to highlight a specific feature or focal point in the room. For example, this can mean wall washing to add height or spotlighting a piece of art. Finally, task lighting is popular in kitchens as under-cabinet lighting. Since recessed lights always take up minimal space, they are a perfect choice for any lighting!

It’s an energy-efficient light

As far as an energy-efficient lighting option goes, recessed lighting is very efficient. Like most lights, pairing recessed lights with LED bulbs will only add to their efficiency. Design-wise, as well, recessed lights are quite reflective on the inside. As a result, this helps cast more light around the room, so you won’t need as many ceiling lights to brighten up a room. Recessed lighting is built with an airtight design, that helps prevent and seal any air leaks in the ceiling.

Electricians in Edmonton

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