Why you should consider concrete walls for your building project

When getting ready for your building project, make sure you’re aware of all available options, including concrete walls. Concrete walls are not just for foundations anymore. Precast concrete walls are reinforced with steel beams and insulation inside. They’re strong, efficient, cost-effective, and an excellent option for your new building project.

Intrigue Builders in Edmonton offer major home renovations and home additions. Here they share why you should consider concrete walls for your home addition, garage addition, or new home build:

Know you’re getting a quality product

Concrete walls are prebuilt in factories in a quality-controlled environment. The product is tested in the factory to ensure strength and quality. The pre-fabricated walls arrive at the building site for fast and effective installation, requiring no clean-up. Precast concrete walls are stronger than wood and even more robust than poured concrete walls. Concrete walls are manufactured with less water than poured concrete. Less water means a lower chance of cracking from shrinkage.

Keep your renovation on schedule with faster installation

Installation is much quicker than traditional concrete pours because the walls are built before they arrive on-site. Installation time is typically about a floor a day, which can really help keep your project on schedule. Having a shorter installation time can help cut down your overall project timeline and reduce labour costs. In addition, you’ll get to enjoy your new home or building faster!

Concrete walls protect your home 

Precast walls have added safety benefits as well. While these walls are more resistant to termites, dry rot and extreme weather. Concrete walls are also fireproof. Concrete doesn’t burn, and there is less chance your home will ignite if there is a fire in the neighbourhood. With neighbourhoods being built close together and houses only a few feet apart, this can make an incredible different. Read more about precast concrete walls.

Precast concrete is cost-effective 

With all the benefits of installing precast concrete walls, it seems like it would be an expensive option to choose, right? Not so! These walls cost the same, sometimes less than wood-framed walls. In addition, concrete walls remove the need to install any additional exterior finish as they come with a finish on the outside surface. You can choose from a range of styles, including brick, stone, stucco or tile.

Energy-efficient building product

Precast concrete walls have excellent thermal performance. They care entirely sealed and insulated, significantly reducing energy transfer year-round. Rigid insulation is right inside each wall, which removes the need for an additional vapour barrier. Unlike traditional wood-framed construction, this option doesn’t leave much debris for the landfill. That means you’re lowering your waste and carbon footprint by choosing concrete walls.

Major Home Renovations in Edmonton

Intrigue Builders offers a range of construction services for homes, garages, and other building projects in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. They’re committed to innovative building materials and methods from the traditional wood frame, steel frame, and precast concrete wall construction. Build an energy-efficient, sustainable home in less time, and enjoy the long-term benefits for years to come.

Experience innovation with Intrigue Builders today.

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