Why you should fix your sunken concrete

If you’ve noticed that parts of your concrete driveway, walk way or patio is sinking, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Not only is your damaged concrete an eyesore and could be diminishing the appearance and value of your property, it is also a safety hazard and will likely get worse with time.

Why is my concrete sinking?

Most concrete slabs are installed directly on the soil beneath them. If you take away parts of the soil beneath, the slab will move. Because of our constant freezing and thawing, water drainage and the change between wet and dry conditions, the ground has a lot of movement and could eventually move enough to create a void between the ground and the concrete slab. Thanks to gravity, the slab will start to sink until it is supported again.

Different types of soils, like soils that have a lot of clay in them, can cause your concrete to sink too. Since all compositions of soil, mud and ground are different, they can all handle different load capacities and settle in different ways. The ground itself can shrink and contract with the weather, which is why proper ground preparation is so critical during concrete installation to prevent sinking in the future.

If the ground beneath your concrete doesn’t have proper drainage, it can also cause your concrete to move and sink. Water can basically wash away the ground beneath the slab, removing the support and creating large voids. Because of the lack of support, the concrete will crack and sink. Check your gutters and make sure they’re not washing out soil beneath your concrete and make sure there are natural drainage routes leading away from your house and driveway.

How can concrete lifting help?

A concrete repair company that offers concrete lifting and void filling to help repair your sunken concrete. They also offer soil stabilization services to help prevent it from happening again.

For concrete lifting and void filling, a polyurethane foam carefully injected through holes bore in the concrete, filling in the void beneath the concrete slab until it is level with the rest of the driveway, patio or walkway. Polyurethane foam is resistant to water issues, giving you a strong and long-lasting solution for your sunken concrete. After the foam is injected, the holes are filled with a cement grout and finished to match the existing concrete. Your driveway will look like new and can be used immediately after the job is done.

The polyurethane material is a better filler than more concrete, as the much-heavier secondary concrete can also shift and sink with time. You can also use void filling to correct major issues with garage floors or concrete that is used to hold up buildings and other structures. Most companies will do driveways, commercial and industrial buildings, patios, garage and shop floors, pool aprons, foundations, sidewalks, warehouses, caverns and many other types of concrete slabs.

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