Why you should hire a drywall contractor for water damage repairs

Water damage can be costly if left too long. You run the risk of mould or mildew growth, which is bad for your health and expensive to remediate. If you have water damage in the walls or ceiling or suspect you have hidden damage, the repair will require the expertise and skill of a professional drywall contractor.

The Great Wall Inc. in Calgary is a full-service drywall company. They share why you should always hire a professional for drywall water damage repairs:

How to recognize drywall water damage

Some water damage is obvious to spot. For example, you’ll see water stains, peeling paint, swelling or bubbling in the drywall. In severe cases, you might see mould growth. However, sometimes water damage isn’t apparent.

For example, a slow leak from a pipe behind the wall isn’t visible at first. Instead, you might notice a musty smell in the room. Locate the source of the smell and if it’s coming from the wall, contact a professional drywall contractor to inspect it. If the drywall is already discoloured, it means the leak is severe. You’ll need to get a plumber in as soon as possible too.

If you find mould on the drywall, you’ll have to have it tested and removed by a mould removal contractor before getting the drywall repaired or replaced.

Why you should repair or replace water damaged drywall immediately

Water damage is not something you can leave for another time. Drywall water damage is particularly bad because usually, it means that the entire section needs replacing. It also promotes mould growth, often behind the wall where you can’t see it. Mould can be very hazardous to your health and costly to remove. Learn more about the dangers of mould.

In addition, drywall wicks moisture like a sponge, spreading along the wall very quickly. The more it spreads, the more damage it causes. Getting an experienced drywall contractor to remove it and replace it as soon as possible is critical.

Drywall contractors can help

Once you’ve fixed the source of the water problem, connect with a drywall contractor like Great Wall Construction. They can investigate if there is both internal and external damage to the walls or ceiling. Once they remove the old wall, they can try to locate the source of the problem. For example, they might find wet insulation or rotten framing. Any issues, including the problem causing the water or moisture, will need repairing before installing new drywall.

The Great Wall can repair your drywall, so it looks brand new again. They also work with other contractors to help remedy your moisture issues and make recommendations for repairs. Then, they’ll repair or install new drywall and complete the restoration project so it’s ready for you to paint.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

The Great Wall Inc. offers drywall services to the residential sector for new builds, basement developments, renovations, and restoration projects. They’re a small locally-run business that provides years of experience, quality work, and unmatched service to Edmonton homeowners. If you need a drywall repair, are renovating, or building a new home, trust your drywall to The Great Wall.

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