Why you should hire a general contractor for a legal suite

Basement renovations take plenty of time and work, especially so if you are planning a legal suite. Specific codes, regulations, proper design and a reasonable timeline, are all important factors. It can be daunting tackling it all on your own, which is why hiring a general contractor can save that stress.

Electric Woods in Edmonton are a professional electrical and general contracting company. They explain why you should hire their general contractors to help build a legal suite:

Basement developments are a major investment

Whether a remodel or a renovation, basement developments are a significant investment. Remodelling Magazine’s costs vs value report shows that a mid-ranged basement remodel can recoup 70% of the cost. That’s why hiring a general contractor to help will double up as protection for the investment. A professional knows all the required legal codes and when planning a legal basement suite. They’ll also ensure that the job is done right the first time, guaranteeing it’s a safe place once completed. Plus, having a professional handle such work guarantees your home’s value goes up. Potential buyers or renters will be more inclined towards work that was handled by a pro than a DIY job.

A general contractor will finish the job quickly

No matter if you have a large or small basement, major renovations can take a long time. When planning a legal suite, it’s not something you want to have drag on. The sooner the renos are complete, the sooner your new renters will move in. Unless you have the time and skills to handle the job yourself, a basement renovation can easily take much longer. Take a look at these basement suite designs, to draw inspiration and ideas into your planning.

When you hire a general contractor, they’ll start by creating a timeline for the entire project. Once the details are settled, they’ll work to finish your basement by the set deadline. They’ll also handle any unexpected issues quickly, without the entire project coming to a halt. The sooner your legal suite is finished, the quicker renters will move in and provide that return on investment.

General contractors come with subcontractors

One of the main benefits of a general contractor is that they have contacts for any needed subcontractors. A full basement suite will need a plumber, drywall experts, electricians and more depending on what you have planned. Instead of spending time trying to find subcontractors yourself, a general contractor has them already. Plus, they have subcontractors that they will know and trust. They’ll delegate what work needs to be done and when, and act as a single point of contact for you. Any questions or changes you have goes past your general contractor, who’ll make sure it’s handled.

General Contractors in Edmonton

At Electric Woods, they strive to provide both quality and reliable services for every job. Customer satisfaction and trust are key goals for them when it comes to ensuring guaranteed peace of mind. They offer services in both electrical renovations and upgrades to general contracting work. No matter what you need for your home, Electric Woods is the company to call.

Don’t hesitate to contact Electric Woods today!

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