Why You Should Hire A Professional Electrician To Hardwire Your Hot Tub or Spa

Blog written by Hauer Power Electrical Inc. in Edmonton

Incorrectly Wiring Your Hot Tub Will Cost You

A hot tub is a major investment costing thousands of dollars. Incorrectly wiring your new hot tub can damage electrical circuit boards, pump motors and heating components. What’s more concerning is that incorrect wiring can put you and your family at risk of electric shock.

Attempting to save a few dollars by DIY’ing the electrical hook-up can result in having to hire professional electricians in Edmonton to completely redo the electrical wiring hook-up.

What You Don’t Know About Hot Tub Electrical Wiring

Hot tubs, Spas, and Swim Spas require 40 amp, 50 amp, or 60 amp 120/240v electrical supply. Because of this, they require a hard-wired connection from your home’s electrical panel. Some things that need careful consideration before attempting to wire your hot tub include:

1. Understanding the electrical requirements for YOUR hot tub
2. Determining the correct size, type and number of electrical conductors
3. Determining the correct size of GFCI spa electrical disconnect
4. Understanding the Canadian Electrical Code requirements
5. Understanding building code requirements
6. Arranging for permits and inspections with your local authority

If you are not confident that you can safely install your hot tub wiring, we recommend that you contact an Edmonton electrician like Hauer Power Electrical Services.

Hot tub wiring should always be performed by a professional licensed electrician. They recognize the dangers of working with electricity and water, understanding that one wrong move could lead to injury or death.

Hauer Power, an Edmonton electrician, stays up to date with The Canadian Electrical Code that is updated every three years. Additionally, local safety codes often undergo changes that must be adhered to when doing any hot tub installation. The average person most likely doesn’t know the various requirements of their jurisdiction.

Hot tubs and spas offer relaxation, rejuvenation and fun and can provide years of enjoyment. Hiring a professional electrician can ensure it is installed correctly and safely.


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