Why you should hire a professional painting company


Painting is easily the most cost-effective and fastest way to transform the look and feel of your home. Interior or exterior, a professional paint job can refresh your home, adding value and protection. But should you DIY or hire a pro?

Phoenix Finishing Touch Painting in Edmonton offers superior painting services and is passionate about producing results clients love. They share why you should always hire a professional painting company for your home upgrade.

A flawless finish

Professional painters like Phoenix Finishing Touch Painting will produce an exquisite finish on your paint job. While DIY might seem simple enough, it is very easy to make mistakes. After all that hard work, you might find drips, brush stroke marks, paint where it’s not supposed to be (like on trim or the ceiling) and an uneven finish. A professional painter pays close attention to detail. With a skilled hand, they will ensure clean lines, even coverage, and a beautifully finished paint job.

Extensive preparation

Attention to detail in preparation is also vital to a quality paint job. Not only does prep bring superior results, but it also ensures the paint will last. A pro painter will repair and prepare the surface before painting. Additionally, Phoenix Finishing Touch Painting will make sure the entire site is protected, including any cabinets, flooring, and fixtures in the room.

Less mess

Painting can be a messy job. So, in addition to site protection, Phoenix Finish Painting keeps the job site and your home as clean as possible. They use dustless sanding equipment to prepare surfaces and clean up the area after each workday. With DIY paint jobs, you have to worry about covering and protecting areas from paint, messy clean-up, and disposal of used paint supplies.

Less time

Painting a home’s interior can be lengthy and time-consuming, especially for an inexperienced DIYer trying to do it in their spare time. What might take you a week, a professional painting company can do in a day or two. They’re fast and efficient and do not make timely or costly mistakes.

The right paint

A lot of time is spent researching and sourcing the right painting products and supplies for your paint job. However, a professional painter knows the best paint for your specific job, budget, and style. In addition, they know what type of paint to buy and can often get a higher quality paint at a better price.

Furthermore, they can source low or no VOC paint to ensure healthy air quality. If you’re unsure what colours to choose, their experts can provide a colour consultation. Read more tips on how to choose interior paint colours.

Transformation you’ll love

Phoenix Finish Painting takes pride in its work every day. They are passionate about transforming their client’s homes and making your vision a reality. A new paint job will completely rejuvenate your space, turning it into a space you love being in. As a result, you’ll feel better about your home and your decision to invest in professional painting.

Painters in Edmonton

Phoenix Finishing Touch Painting offers quality craftsmanship, taking the time to properly prepare surfaces for a superior finish. They use a Festool HEPA dustless sanding tool that collects 95% of the dust at the source, ensuring better air quality and a cleaner space during the project. Whether you’re doing an interior or exterior paint job, cabinet painting, trim, doors, or ceiling update, Phoenix Finishing Touch Painting is ready to help.

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