Why you should hire an interior designer

Every home and business benefits from good interior design. The aim is to create a space that is aesthetically beautiful, functional, and suits the owner’s unique personality. Interior designers work with you to translate your style and needs into the perfect space. Their expertise and knowledge are essential for new builds, renovations, and commercial spaces.

Blank Spaces in Edmonton are experts in creating the perfect space for you. They work with architects, contractors, and builders to design everything from new residential construction to commercial buildings. Whether you’re embarking on a new build, remodelling your home, or need help decorating, they can turn your vision into a reality.

Transform your existing space

Does your home’s existing design no longer work for you? Your style, tastes, and needs change over time. Consequently, the layout and design that are used to represent you may feel outdated and uninspiring. Fortunately, this is why home renovations exist. You can transform your house into the ideal home without moving away from family, friends, schools, or your neighbourhood.

With the help of an interior designer, you can remodel your home to fit your lifestyle. This will boost your own enjoyment and quality of life, but it also increases your home’s market value. Interior designers bring a fresh set of (professionally-trained) eyes to your home. They can suggest new ideas and unexpected solutions that you might never have imagined. Interior designers know how to make the most of your home’s potential.

Create an attractive new space

When starting from scratch, the possibilities are endless. By bringing on an interior designer at the beginning of a new build, you benefit from their understanding of space and design. Their expertise positively influences the build’s overall direction. Due to their training, knowledge, and experience, interior designers can envision the project and take the needed steps to make it a reality.

They work with contractors and builders to create that “wow” factor in a new home. Interior designers like Blank Spaces in Edmonton can help devise the house’s layout and space plan for maximum functionality. After all, the better the design, the better the end result.

Decorate for a personal touch

Is home not really feeling like home? Sometimes, the answer is in the details. Rather than a whole remodel, your home might just need some redecorating. This is where the expertise of interior designers proves invaluable. Their understanding of colour, space, texture, accessories, and furniture can transform a space. Good design is nuanced so even subtle changes can have a big impact on a room. It’s all about knowing what changes to make.

Blank Spaces offer a range of decorating services depending on your needs. Do you only need a consultation to point you in the right direction? Or do you need a complete top-to-bottom refresh? Blank Spaces know how to bring new life to your existing home from choosing colours to rearranging furniture. Learn more about the art of decorating here!

Design a commercial space that represents your business

Every successful commercial design must accomplish three things. Firstly, it must be aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, it must reflect the company’s vision and brand. Thirdly, it must make customers feel welcome and at ease. To check these three boxes, interior designers need to have a deep understanding of the business and its needs.

Blank Spaces have detailed discussions and provide questionnaires to all commercial clients. This allows them to create a design concept that aligns with the brand. Then, with purposeful design and consideration for costs, they design beautiful commercial spaces.

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Blank Spaces LTD Edmonton Company Online Review & Ratings

Blank Spaces offers design services for home remodels, new constructions, commercial buildings, and home decorating. With clear communication and open dialogue, they create spaces that accurately represent their clients. They work with architects, contractors, and builders to take unfinished houses to completed homes.


#1 . Blank Spaces Edmonton is featured as one of the Best Interior Designers in Edmonton


#2 . Blank Spaces in Edmonton website is very clean and functional – https://www.blank-spaces.ca/



#3 . Blank Spaces in Edmonton is RenovationFind Certified – https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/blank-spaces-ltd-7594


Blank spcaes RenovationFind certifed


Blank Spaces Ltd. works with architects, contractors, and builders to help design and transform homes. Their interior designers in Edmonton achieve those transformations through a range of full-service support and professional services. From home renovations and upgrades to new home construction projects, they’ll ensure your design is attractive, functional, and customized to meet your needs. If you need help designing a space lacking appeal or are preparing to sell, they can help balance those goals. Blank Spaces Ltd. also offers design services for commercial spaces.

Key Services & Features

– Interior design
– Design for renovations and new home builds
– Commercial design
– Decorating services

Customer Feedback

Aman took the time to listen to us and help us find just what we wanted but with her expert opinion. She is very knowledgeable, kind and helpful. I would, and have, recommend her to anyone!

– Shanu, website review


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