Why you should include stone masonry on your property

Stonemasonry used in landscaping is visually attractive, easy to maintain, durable, and versatile. It’s an excellent choice for many different features around the house. For example, stone can be used for driveways, patios, pathways, retaining walls, and decorative landscaping. Since the stone comes in a wide range of colours and styles, it can enhance any home.

Paco Masonry and Construction in Ottawa are a full-service landscaping company and masonry contractor. They offer everything from foundation repairs to exterior waterproofing and general home renovations. Here’s why you should incorporate masonry into your property:

A unique and natural look

Stone brings a beautiful, special, and natural look to any property. Whereas concrete and asphalt are plain and commonplace, stone sets your home apart. It adds visual interest and is a unique feature. Stonemasonry can be customized to your home, perfecting suiting your personal style and design. Because stone is a natural material, it’s the perfect landscaping material.

Many different kinds of stone to choose from

There are many, many different kinds of stone. This makes it a versatile material that suits any style of home. No matter your preferred aesthetic, there is a size, colour, shape, and texture of rock for you. By pairing different coloured stones, you can create unique designs.

Also, there are different stones for different purposes. For example, some stones are more durable, resistant to erosion, harder, or stronger. Where the stone feature is going and its purpose helps determine what kind of stone you should choose. For instance, you may need a different stone for where you park the car than for a backyard path.

Low maintenance

Stonework requires little to no maintenance. Whereas lawns need to be mowed regularly, stone can be left alone. All you have to do is sweep as needed. If you have a stone driveway, day-to-day maintenance is comparable to asphalt or concrete. Basically, shovel the snow in winter and remove leaves in autumn.


Stone is durable, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic pathways and driveways. It disperses weight evenly, meaning stone can support vehicles and people without breaking. Additionally, stone doesn’t crack in fluctuating temperatures. For these reasons, stone patios are advantageous over lumber, which can rot, crack, or splinter during extreme weather.

Beautify your landscaping

Lastly, stone is an incredible landscaping material. It can be used throughout your yard in a variety of ways. For example, stone can replace mulch or your lawn! It requires less maintenance than grass and can still be used in flowerbeds, retaining walls, and walkways. In addition, it adds a beautiful level of design to your yard, creating focal points and leading lines.  Learn more about landscaping with stone.

Landscaping & Masonry Contractors in Ottawa

Paco Masonry and Construction provide landscaping and masonry services to homeowners in Ottawa and surrounding areas. They deliver high-quality work with excellent craftsmanship and clear communication. Paco Masonry specializes in brick, bloc, and stone masonry, and offer a range of general home renovations and landscaping services.

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