Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Gas Line Installation

While some DIY projects can save money and be a fun experience, some home projects shouldn’t be done yourself. This includes making changes to or installing a new gas line. There are many dangers that come with attempting this DIY. Modest Plumbing in Surrey provides some of these dangers, and why it’s important to never attempt DIY gas line installation. 


A gas line that is installed improperly may result in gas leaking. Not only will this mean your gas bills will rise, but it also can result in a bad odour taking over the air in your home. Gas leaks are also very dangerous. A leak can result in things like fires or explosions. It can also cause illness in the people inhabiting your home. Some symptoms of gas leaks you may experience are lightheadedness and nausea. The plumbers in Surrey are able to install a gas line properly in your home and keep you and your family safe from a gas leak.  

Needs to be to code

Any changes or additions to gas lines in your home will require permits from your municipalities. Before any work is done, it must be pressure tested and inspected by a professional. Because of code and safety risks, it’s vital you have your new gas line installed by a professional. Sometimes your home insurance policy won’t cover any damages that occur from a DIY gas line installation that wasn’t signed off by a certified plumber. You can consult a plumber in Vancouver for a diagnostic and learn the next steps.

Further damage

While DIY is great, you don’t want to make a problem worse in your home by tackling it on your own. Gas lines may crack over time. When you go in to fix the problem, there’s a chance you may make the crack worse, or cause other problems. This may compromise the state of your gas line. There’s also the potential you can injure yourself, whether it be an increasing leak, or by using the wrong equipment. There are plumbers in Vancouver that have the necessary tools and knowledge to fix your home’s gas line. That way, you know your gas line will be taken care of, and remain in good shape for many years. 

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