Why you should prioritize your basement electrical wiring 

When finishing or renovating a basement, how far up the to-do list is the electrical wiring? While wiring is important in the rest of the house, the basement is especially important. Not just to have, but to ensure it’s up to code and date and suits the needs of the space.

JMV Inc Electrical Professionals in Calgary specializes in residential electrical services, including home renovations and electrical upgrades. They share some reasons why a wired basement should be a top priority:

Optimize the layout

Starting with a clean space, especially an unfinished basement without the drywall is a prime empty canvas. You can fully optimize the layout of any electrical wiring to maximize the benefits before adding drywall. An electrician will help you plan for function, so you get the most out of your basement’s electrical system and layout.

If you want a basement suite, then adding extra outlets and light switches or ensuring there’s enough power will pay off. Another idea is to wire the basement for a home theatre or sound system. When it comes time to sell, potential buyers will love a readily wired basement and potential for that home theatre.

Well-lit spaces are more inviting

Optimal wiring also relates to optimal lighting, which, in a basement, is essential. Poorly lit basements feel dark and closed off and become very unwelcoming spaces. An overly lit and bright basement is just as bad as it wastes power and takes away from any lighting control. Working with a qualified Master Electrician to optimize the wiring will help ensure the space is welcoming, evenly lit, and doesn’t gobble electrical costs. Learn more about lighting during a renovation.

Protect against damage or wear

Old or outdated basement wiring that hasn’t been maintained in a while is a serious safety risk. Basements can risk water damage which can damage electrical work or even blow the power in the house. Exposed wiring is another risk for a fire to start, and all it takes is a spark. If you have outdated wiring, it’s well worthwhile to have a professional come in and do an inspection. If nothing else, you can upgrade the wiring in the basement to gain back value, lower costs, and prepare the space for new use.

Add value

Well-wired and planned basement wiring will add value simply by being there. Much like a well-designed room or suite, it opens the possibilities to use the space in a variety of ways. You can turn the basement into a home theatre, gym, suite, living room, home office space, and more. You can also add different lighting, such as sliding lights, for added lighting control and to add comfort and value. Once a certified electrician wires and finishes the basement, the space can be left as-is for potential buyers to choose how to customize the area. It’s a great investment overall.

Electricians in Calgary

JMV Inc Electrical Professionals offer full-service electrical services in Calgary and surrounding areas. They specialize in residential electrical work including home renovations, new home builds, electrical upgrades and wiring, and electrical repairs. If you have an electrical project coming up, you can trust the professionals at JMV Inc to get the job done safely and correctly.

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