Why you should refinish, not replace, your hardwood floors

Refinished hardwood floor by Craftwood Flooring Company

If your hardwood floors are starting to look worn out or have scuffs and scratches, it may seem like it’s time to replace them. As beautiful and timeless as hardwood floors are, wear and tear can take away from that. Instead of replacing, though, invest in refinishing those floors. With a little professional care, they’ll look brand-new and timeless once again.

Craftwood Flooring in Edmonton is a professional flooring company, dedicated to quality. They share the benefits of hiring their professionals to refinish your hardwood floors:

You’ll save money

Installing real hardwood floors is an investment to begin with, and in most cases, you don’t need to make that investment twice. Refinishing returns your floors to the way they looked when they were first installed. Sanding will remove any scratches or stains; a buffer will add that shine back, while a wood stain can either change or restore the floor’s original colour. A professional as well will know the best stains and seals to use and have the right equipment. You won’t have to spend anything extra buying those for yourself, and your floor will last for many more years.

It’ll boost your home’s value

A hardwood floor is a guaranteed way to boost your home’s value and easily attract potential buyers. When you refinish your hardwood, not only does it add that beauty back, it also adds back that value. According to realtor.com, hardwood floors can help boost your home’s overall value by 2.5%.

Plus, hardwood can be refinished multiple times before needing to be replaced. When buyers see a hardwood floor, they’ll know it’s both a worthwhile investment and one that’ll last for many years.

There will be less maintenance

Refinishing not only restores the beauty of hardwood, but it also resets the amount of maintenance required. If your hardwood is old and getting worn, the protective coating has likely worn off. This means more regular cleaning and repairing scratches before they worsen. Refinishing, though, removes those scratches and reapplies a protective finish. You’ll still need to sweep and clean up any spills, but your floors will be less prone to damage.

Save on time, stress, and mess

Refinishing takes time to complete correctly and isn’t a clean process along the way. DIY can easily take weeks to complete, and without proper ventilation can leave a lot of harmful dust in the air. A professional only takes between 3-5 days to refinish hardwood floors and without the excess dust. At the end of the process as well, they’ll handle any cleanup, so you don’t have to. Without the stress or extra time, you’ll be free to enjoy your beautiful, quality-looking floors and dust-free air!

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Craftwood Flooring prides itself in providing top quality flooring options for your home. They help find the perfect match for your home and, with 35 years of experience, can guarantee a flawless installation. From installation to refinishing, Craftwood Flooring has every flooring service you need.

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