Why you should renovate your kitchen or bathroom simultaneously

The idea of having both your bathroom and kitchen in a state of demolition and construction may be daunting. However, experienced general contractors in Calgary can make this process doable, efficient, and low-stress. In addition, there are several significant advantages to renovating your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

1. You save money

Home renovations in Calgary can be expensive, but it’s almost always a smart investment. When you embark on a remodel, it’s valuable to consider how you can most effectively lower your costs. Although it may seem counterintuitive, combining multiple renovation projects can sometimes make it more affordable.

When you renovate your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously, the cost to remodel each room tends to decrease. There are several reasons for this.

First, general contractors in Calgary can negotiate a better deal on materials. The larger the order, the better the price. And with two renovations, the order is always larger. Moreover, you can take advantage of additional savings by using some of the same materials for the bathroom and kitchen. Cabinets, countertops, and even flooring are good examples of products often used in both rooms.

Second, labour plays a huge factor in the total cost of any renovation. For example, renovating your kitchen and bathroom separately means you need to book plumbers, electricians, and other contractors for multiple appointments. So you’re essentially paying for two plumbers! On the other hand, a simultaneous remodel means you only need one.

2. You save time

Saving time saves you money. However, it also means you get to enjoy your new home sooner. When you combine your kitchen and bathroom remodel, things tend to go much faster. This is because subcontractors can work on both rooms simultaneously. For example, an installer can tackle installations in both rooms during the same visit to your home. As mentioned, things like cabinets, counters, plumbing work, and tiles can be done at once. At the end of the day, this is far more efficient and cost-effective.

You will have to endure a period where both your kitchen and bathroom are under construction. That being said, the total construction time is less than if you renovated these rooms separately. A beautiful new bathroom and kitchen will await you on the other side.

There is no denying that two simultaneous renovations are complex. Therefore, hiring an experienced general contracting company like Calvert’s Construction is vital.

3. Cohesive design

Your home’s interior design should flow and make sense together. Unfortunately, remodelling rooms one at a time often results in a disjointed design. This is because styles and preferences change over time. Sometimes materials go out of fashion or out of stock. Regardless, the result is a series of rooms that feel disconnected from one another. Learn more about how to decorate the rooms in your home.

This can be avoided by renovating multiple rooms at once. For one, it allows you to choose a cohesive design that unites your home. It also means certain design elements can be shared between each room. For example, you may use the same pattern, shapes, cabinets, or colour theme. 

Remodel your kitchen and bathroom with Calverts Construction!

Calvert’s Construction has more than 25 years of industry experience. Their expertise, diverse skillset, and efficiency make them uniquely qualified to take on your simultaneous kitchen and bathroom renovation. Or, if remodelling one room at a time is your pace, Calvert’s Construction can help you too. So whether your home needs a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or living room remodel, your house is in good hands with Calvert’s.

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