Why you should repair your concrete with concrete lifting

Are you getting tired of tripping over your uneven concrete surfaces? Or has it made shovelling snow a nuisance every winter? Replacing concrete slabs is expensive and time-consuming, but there is another way. Professional concrete levelling services can restore your driveway, sidewalk, steps, pool decks, and commercial floors for a much lower cost.

Sunny South Insulators in Calgary specialize in all things spray foam. They offer green, energy-efficient spray foam solutions for residential and commercial projects. They provide installation, fireproofing, and concrete levelling services using high-quality spray foam.

What is concrete lifting?

Concrete lifting can be referred to slab jacking, foam jacking, and concrete levelling. It’s the process of raising sunken portions of a concrete slab to create an even surface. At Sunny South Insulators, they insert a high-quality spray foam underneath your existing concrete to lift it and make it level. Using foam for concrete leveling is a new and better technology than mud jacking.

1. It’s affordable

Removing your old, uneven concrete and starting over is expensive. Pouring new concrete requires a lot of workers, materials, and time. You have to pay for hours and hours of work and then must wait for the concrete to cure. Ultimately, the labour costs are significantly higher with a tear-out project than with concrete raising. Additionally, slab jacking only requires a small amount of high-quality foam. Because of this, you also save money on materials.

2. It’s fast

Concrete takes weeks to completely cure, and you can’t use your driveway or walkway before then. This is very inconvenient for you! Fortunately, concrete levelling is a fast process. In fact, the foam will be dry in 15 minutes and you can walk or drive on the surface at that time too!

3. It’s effective

With slab jacking, you get the results you want. Your sunken, uneven, cracked concrete is restored to its better days almost immediately. Furthermore, the process of levelling your concrete improves ground support. How? The high-quality foam injected beneath the slabs hardens to become a sturdy foundation for the slab. This means your concrete surfaces will look better for longer.

4. It’s easy on your landscape

You want to fix the eyesore of your uneven concrete without creating a new mess. Because new concrete installation requires a lot of heavy machinery and labour, it can turn your yard into a construction zone. Consequently, your beautiful landscape may get damaged in the process. You can protect your flower beds (while fixing your concrete) with slab jacking.

Concrete raising doesn’t involve any heavy equipment. Because the whole process only takes a couple of hours, your yard will be quickly back to its normal, peaceful state.

Concrete Lifting in Calgary

Sunny South Insulators are spray foam specialists. Their expert use of high-quality spray foam lifts your uneven concrete surfaces, making them as good as new. They also offer additional spray foam services such as spray foam insulation and fireproofing. Furthermore, they provide timely execution, high-quality control standards and believe in doing it right the first time.

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