Why You Should Repair Your Damaged Fascia and Soffits

There are so many different components that go into a functional roofing system, including the fascia and soffits. The fascia is a horizontally-placed material that covers the exposed parts of the side and front of the roof. The soffits are the materials that go on the underside of the roof, beneath the roof overhang. 

Each component has an important purpose.  The Gutter Doctor in Calgary shares these purposes, and why it’s crucial that you repair the fascia and soffits when they are damaged. 

The importance of the fascia

Not only does the fascia provide a finished look for the side of your home, but it has the important purpose of acting as a barrier between the outside world, and the inside of your attic. If the fascia were to become damaged, your home’s aesthetics and gutter system are put at risk. Your gutter system may lose its structural integrity and begin to fall off your home. A faulty fascia may lead to eavestrough repairs in Calgary, something homeowners want to avoid.

A damaged fascia can also provide a wide-open door for pests to come into your attic. The last thing you want is to house a family of squirrels or a community of angry wasps! Investing in fascia repairs in Calgary today will keep your home protected, pest-free, and looking great. 

The importance of soffits

Similar to the fascia, soffits provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the outside of your home. They tie everything together and ensure no space goes unfinished. But they play a practical role too. Soffits allow for proper air circulation with vents and prevent pests from entering attic spaces. When the soffit is not secure, pests like wasps and squirrels can get into the attic and make their nests. Unless you want those unwanted guests partying up there, you should ensure your soffits are repaired! Plus, because soffits help maintain air regulation in spaces beneath your roof, they help with airflow and energy efficiency.

When soffits become damaged, they can greatly diminish curb appeal and airflow in your attic. Without that ventilation, combined with roof top vents, you can get condensation build-up in the attic and that can lead to other issues. Focus on your soffit repair in Calgary, and keep your roof and attic spaces healthy. 

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