Why you should replace your home’s Poly B pipes as soon as possible

Polybutylene pipes, also known as Poly B pipes, were a type of plumbing commonly installed in homes in the 1980s. However, these pipes were discontinued for many reasons and should be replaced. Hill Brothers Plumbing in Calgary offers reasons as to why it’s important to replace Poly B plumbing as soon as possible. 

Prone to leaks

One of the biggest problems homeowners have with Poly B pipes is that they are prone to leaks. They have a lifespan of around 15 years, so it’s likely that your pipes are past their prime. While the material was thought to be strong and long-lasting during development, that didn’t end up being the case. This was likely due to the installation process, and the material’s ability to crack more easily. If you have Poly B pipes in your home and want to avoid water damage, it’s good to replace the pipes in the near future. 

Chlorine build-up

The polybutylene material in the pipes reacts poorly with chlorine, a chemical typically found, to some degree, in your home’s water. Over time, chlorine can build up alongside the pipes, wearing them down and leading to water damage. Keep your home’s plumbing safe from chlorine build-up by replacing your Poly B pipes. 

Bursting pipes

While Poly B pipes were made to bend, they were not made to expand and contract during temperature changes. When spring rolls around after a cold winter, your Poly B pipes are more likely to burst than copper or PEX pipes are. A burst pipe means serious trouble for your home. It can lead to mold and extensive water damage that is expensive to fix. 

Selling your home

If you’re planning to or are in the process of selling your home, and your home has Poly B plumbing, it’s important to alert buyers that your home has this plumbing system. Because of all the problems that can arise from Poly B pipe, buyers will need to be aware of the additional cost they’ll have to put into the home. They may ask you to negotiate the price because of it. If you want a higher asking price for your home, consider changing out the Poly B plumbing now. Then you’ll be able to tell buyers that the plumbing is all-new, giving them more incentive to purchase your home. 

Poly B Replacement in Calgary

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