Why You Should Replace Your Older Home’s Poly B Plumbing

Polybutylene plumbing, also known as Poly-B plumbing, was a popular plumbing solution in the 1980s and 1990s. It’s a white or grey piping system that was flexible, and easy to install around your home. However, as time went on, more and more homeowners found that their older homes were having problems with their plumbing system due to Poly-B pipes. From Modest Plumbing in Surrey, here are some reasons why you should replace your older home’s Poly-B plumbing. 

Prone to leaks

The biggest issue homeowners find with their Poly-B plumbing systems is how easily they leak. Because the pipes were seen as a good, flexible alternative to something like copper, it wasn’t anticipated that they would crack as easily. Nonetheless, it began to happen.

Another reason Poly-B pipes may leak is because of chlorine build-up. Chlorine has a bad reaction with the polybutylene material, allowing the excess chlorine found in water to build up in the crooks of your pipes. This also leads to cracking and blockages. Contact your local plumber in Surrey to get these pipes replaced right away. 

Water damage

Because of how easily Poly-B pipes crack, you’re more likely to find water damage throughout your home. Escaping water can lead to water damage, including leaking and burst pipes, wood rot, cracks in the foundation, and mould. Mould can be very hazardous for you and your family. If you notice your floors or walls feel damp, and your water pressure has decreased significantly, it may be a good idea to check for pipe damage. It is crucial to have plumbers in Surrey swap out your Poly-B pipes as soon as possible.

Resale value

If you’re looking to sell your old home with Poly-B pipes, the value of your home may be affected. Poly-B pipes were discontinued due to complaints and lawsuits. Homebuyers will likely be turned off knowing that they’ll have to replace the home’s plumbing system. It’s an additional cost nobody wants. Though it may be a big job, depending on how many spaces have the plumbing present, it may be a good idea to get plumbers in Vancouver to replace the pipes before selling your home. That way, you can let potential buyers know that the plumbing system is completely new and that they won’t have to do any updates. Learn everything there is to know about Poly-B pipes and can get the job done right to keep home buyers coming. 

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