Why you shouldn’t put off a siding replacement

Your home’s siding protects the house from the weather. It stops moisture from rain and snow from penetrating and damaging parts of your home. It also plays a significant role in energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Caveman Exteriors in Edmonton offers quality vinyl and Hardie Plank siding installation. They explain why you should never put off a needed siding replacement:

Gaps and cracks mean your home isn’t protected

The last thing you want is moisture to get past your siding. Water damage happens quickly but can cause extensive and expensive damage. If you notice any gaps or cracks in your exterior siding, it could be letting in moisture. That moisture can pool under the siding and start to seep into the walls causing mould and mildew. Mould and mildew are very hazardous to your health. Take a walk around your home. Any signs of cracks, bowing, or gaps – and signs of mould and mildew – mean it’s time to call a trusted siding contractor.

Your energy bills can increase

Worn out or older siding might be allowing energy to transfer through the walls. When siding is doing its job, it keeps the air inside the home from escaping. That means it helps keep your house warm in the winter and stay cool in the summer. Old siding, or damaged siding, won’t be as energy efficient as new.

Siding has come a long way over the years. With advanced technology in manufacturing, a siding replacement will increase your energy efficiency. There are even insulated siding products on the market that didn’t exist years ago. Better thermal performance means lower energy bills. It’s better for the planet too!

Faded and damaged siding diminishes curb appeal

Any real estate professional will tell you that how your home looks on the outside will play a significant role in how it does on the market. First impressions matter when trying to sell your home. Over many years, old siding can start to show its wear. Even if it’s not overly damaged, blistering and faded siding will make your home look unmaintained. This look can hurt your chances of a quick and profitable sale if you decide to sell your home.

A siding replacement has a great ROI

According to this cost vs. value report, both fibre-cement and vinyl siding replacements have a great return on investment. With fibre-cement, you can recoup 77.6% of its price at resale. For vinyl, you’ll recover 74.7%. That means you can take those percentages of what you pay for your exterior renovation and add it to your home’s resale value.

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

Caveman Exteriors offers exterior renovation services to Edmonton and the surrounding area. They specialize in vinyl and Hardie Plank siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, as well as window and door caping. With over 24 years of combined siding experience, you know your home is in good hands. Protect your home, improve energy efficiency, and maintain its value by getting a siding replacement this year.

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