Why your next home or commercial building should use insulated concrete form

Whether your construction project is commercial or residential, you want the result to be high quality and long-lasting. This is easily achieved with insulated concrete forms for the foundation, which gives better, and more consistent insulation values (R24 to R32) when compared with traditional foundations (<R20). Insulated concrete forms (ICF) and concrete are also an innovative building material that replaces wood or plywood in traditional above grade construction. With much higher structural integrity and insulation values, ICF homes are a significant quality upgrade, for a reasonable price.

Greenstone Construction in Calgary is the expert ICF construction for residential and commercial properties. They use quality materials and the latest technology to deliver premium workmanship to their customers. Here’s why ICF is a good choice for your construction project:

Energy efficiency

ICF is incredibly energy efficient, which saves you money over the long term and improves the comfort of your building and living space. Because ICF blocks are insulated on the inside and the outside, no heat is lost from thermal bridges or poorly installed insulation. Whether heating a modestly sized home or a large commercial building, choosing ICF keeps your energy costs low.

Comparable construction costs to wood

While ICF does come with a marginally higher upfront construct cost than wood, the price tag is still comparable. Ultimately, ICF is an investment. It increases the value of your home and comes with those significant energy savings. Lower energy bills over the long term outweigh a slightly higher initial cost. You also benefit from the durability and longevity of ICF.

Increased durability

Building foundations made of ICF are strong and durable. The ICF foundation features concrete, rebar, and an interlocking system of blocks. This creates a robust structure able to withstand significant weather events. They are also resistant to common storms, fires, floods, pests, and seismic activity. ICF has less of a fire risk than wood-framed structures. In addition, because ICF is made from concrete, it is entirely resistant to pests, which can be problematic for wood.


If you want to build to last, then choose ICF. Buildings made from ICF can last for more than 100 years. How? Because ICF is less prone to cracking and leaks. It’s also resistant to moisture, rot, and mould. ICF is insulating, which protects your foundation from the frost and moisture typical of Alberta’s cold climate. The exterior membrane on ICF blocks wicks away this moisture, and it never reaches the building’s actual foundation. Keeping moisture out of your home is crucial.

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Greenstone Construction focuses on modern building technology to increase sustainable construction in Calgary. They deliver value through professional project management and exceptional communication. They’ve been in business since 2014 and have a passion for sustainability, aiming to find the right balance between quality, endurability, and value. For shorter and more efficient construction timelines and higher quality and value to construction projects, trust the professionals at Greenstone Construction.

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