Window design trends that add style to your home

The right window will go a long way towards protecting and making your home more energy-efficient. The right design will boost curb appeal and add value to your home. If your windows need an update, take the time to also choose a new style.

GreenFox Windows & Doors in Edmonton and Calgary provides high-quality windows and doors and professional installation. They share some window trends that will add a new style to your home: 

Add a custom window 

Custom windows are a beautiful way to add some personal characterization or appealing new designs to your home and windows. Single-hung windows, for example, with an archtop addition, add both height and elegance. Sidelites for your doorways, provide both design and allow even more light inside. The narrow window additions add a sense of grandness and prevent heat loss during the winter months. Inside, custom windows add style, while outside, they’ll help boost curb appeal even more.

Install windows above cabinets 

Dead space is wasted potential in a home, especially in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Typically, ceiling height cabinets offer a stylish solution as well as additional storage. Another solution is to install windows above them instead. That addition of new windows will add height and elegance while inviting more natural light into the room. The natural light can also improve your energy efficiency, not needing to use electric lights as often. You can also install another window beneath the cabinets to create the illusion of a window wall.

Black or dark frames over white 

White window frames may be a classic choice, but bold and black is quickly taking over. Not only does the look work with most decors, but it also adds a particularly sleek new style. Both modern and traditional homes can’t go wrong with choosing this new look. If black isn’t a top choice, then any dark coloured frame is just as attractive. Dark navy-blues or dark browns are also becoming popular choices to create an artful contrast for your home. If you need ideas, take a look at these stylish, dark-framed windows.

Grid free windows 

Windows with grids is a timeless, classic style that is seen in most houses. It’s a look that complements any home, but having no grids offers something new. Grid-less windows are steadily becoming popular, especially among homeowners who want a modern touch. The unobstructed view adds a sleek and open design to the home with major aesthetic value. The design itself also makes cleaning a breeze.

Windows in Edmonton and Calgary

GreenFox Windows & Doors prides itself on offering the highest quality of windows and doors. Their products help to provide all their customers with energy-saving and efficient solutions for their homes. They provide a full range of different window and door styles, so your home will always find its perfect match.

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