Winter caution

With winter right around the corner, performing a few preventative maintenance tasks during the autumn months will keep your garage door functionally properly when the temperature drops.

Fix or Replace Weather Stripping

Weather-stripping acts as a seal between your garage door and its opening. A good seal will prevent moisture and cold air from seeping into your garage and protect your operating system from the change in seasons. It will also help protect your garage against mold.

If you notice that the weather-stripping around the frame and at the bottom of your door appears loose, brittle, or cracked, contact the professionals at Creative Door to have it fixed or replaced.

Lubricate All Metal Moving Parts

When cold weather strikes, keeping the moving parts of your garage door system lubricated is more important than ever. Cold weather and excess moisture can cause your door’s hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs to stick and prevent it from opening and closing. Use an oil based lubricant to evenly coat all metal moving parts, wiping away any excess lubricant to keep it from dripping onto your garage floor.

Check Your External Keypad

During the winter months, your external keypad may be exposed to extreme weather conditions that can drain its battery more quickly. Switch out the battery in advance to keep your keypad running strong. That way, you won’t get stuck out in the cold.

Schedule an Inspection

Regular maintenance by a service professional can not only help reduce your long-term expenses, it can also prevent minor problems from turning into major mechanical issues. Seasonal inspections ensure that your garage door is operating smoothly, which is especially important if you live in a colder climate. Creative Door makes maintenance calls headache-freeContact us today to schedule an inspection.

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