Winter projects to leave to a trusty handyman

As winter rolls around, it also becomes the perfect time to tackle some seasonal projects and repairs. If you’re having trouble finding the time to do it yourself, hiring a trusty handyman to help can ensure those projects don’t stay unfinished over the winter.

Reliable Home Maintenance Solutions in Calgary is a professional home maintenance and repairs company. They share some winter projects that they can handle for you:

Clear the gutters

Having your gutters checked and cleaned is important to do before the snow sets in. Your eavestroughs are critical for preventing water damage to your home. If a gutter is clogged with leaves and debris, it won’t drain water from snow and rain away from your home. Water will pour-over and create a pool next to your foundation. It’s only a matter of time before water gets in the basement. Or, if your gutters are full of water and they freeze, it can cause them to detach from the home or other damage. Cleaning the gutters, though a seemingly simple task, is so very important.


Losing heat and money from gaps and air leaks is a nuisance, especially during winter. Hiring a handyman to help update your caulking or weatherstrip the windows and doors can help prevent this. The benefit of a handyman is that they can work much quicker and efficiently. Their years of experience will also mean that they will know what other areas to seal or places to look at. Once your home is securely sealed, you can have peace of mind for a warm and efficient winter.

Tackle minor repairs

Think of all those little repairs that built up over the year but were never important enough to handle right away. Over the winter, when you’re inside more often and have to face those repairs, they’ll likely become more of a nuisance. Leaky taps, loose floorboards, or faulty lights can all be tackled by a handyman. Before you hire one, do a detailed walkthrough of your home. Then make a list of any repairs and group them into categories. That way, when your handyman comes, you can maximize the time they are there and check off all minor repairs.

Handyman In Calgary

With the full range of services and the on-going membership program offered by Reliable Home Maintenance Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about your home maintenance again. Their professionals guarantee the quality of work and customer service to provide for all your needs. Whether small plumbing and electrical work, minor renovations, or snow removal in the winter, they offer it all and more.

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