Winter renovations a general contractor can do for you

Winter may not be the time for a full-blown renovation, but it’s the perfect time for some smaller changes. Come the warmer months when spring cleaning and necessary outdoor renovations begin, you may find you don’t have any time. Better to tackle the little interior renos now and leave the warmer months for the bigger projects!

Everlast Construction in Vancouver is a contracting company that specializes in framing, forming and general contracting. They share some winter renovations that their contractors can handle for you:

Renovate your laundry room

As a part of your day-to-day life, what with providing clean clothes, you want a functional laundry room. That being said, the laundry room often gets little attention when it comes to renovations. Wintertime is the perfect time to finally reno the space! Use the time to either make a bigger laundry room or to install some shelving and organization. Another idea is just to give it a remodeling makeover with a new paint palette and design. That way come spring, you’ll have a spot where you actually won’t mind doing chores! Check out these laundry rooms for some renovation ideas for your own.

Kitchen cabinets and countertops

Kitchen renovations are always a great return on investment and a great way to improve your lifestyle. There are many options for a kitchen reno, but during the winter you don’t want a massive change. If you like to stay home during the winter, you want to still be able to use your kitchen. Updating or remodeling your cabinets and countertops will let you start doing renos without any major the intrusion. A new countertop will visually boost your kitchen’s appearance and give you more space to work. New cabinets meanwhile, will also help with space and organization, plus give your kitchen a fresh look.

Upgrade your flooring

There’s no better time to test out the warmth and comfort of your floors than during the winter months. Hardwood flooring and carpet are two winter contenders for new flooring options. The look of hardwood will give your home timeless elegance, while practically it’s a great heat conductor. It is also gentle on the feet, so you can get away with going barefoot in winter and not get cold. Carpet is naturally warm and plush, making it a perfect bedroom option. If you have carpets already, but they’re starting to look aged, take the time to update them!

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Have you always wanted your own home spa? Well, finally transforming your bathroom into one is the perfect way to fight off those winter chills. If the weather outside is grey, cold and snowing, you can just relax at home and pamper yourself instead! Or, just do small updates like a waterfall showerhead, walk-in shower or a makeover for your vanity. A few small changes can transform the space into where you can just relax and unwind for a bit.

General Contractors in Vancouver

Everlast Construction specializes in delivering high-quality work and guaranteed satisfaction to their customers. Their team of experts ensures that whatever your home reno goal is, they can help you achieve it. Their general contracting services include everything from renovations, re-modeling, house repairs and more. So no matter your need, Everlast Construction can provide it!

Don’t hesitate to contact Everlast Construction today! 

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