The Growth of Women in Construction

Builder And Female Apprentice Carrying Wood On Site

More and more women are choosing to work in the home construction and renovation industry. This influx of women has benefited the industry by providing an additional pool of skilled workers and has contributed to positive workplace diversity, offering a wide and unique range of ideas and perspectives to the business.  It has also benefited women by offering rewarding career opportunities in a typically male-dominated field.

Women in Construction is an organization that aims to promote and support women mainly in the residential construction and renovation trades industries. They offer web-based advertising and in-person networking opportunities to their members. Starting out in Calgary, Women in Construction has now expanded to cities throughout Alberta.

“Our members span across the residential construction industry,” said Elaine Coates, founder of Women in Construction “Whether you’re a female painter, interior designer, rep for a plumbing or electrical company you will benefit from being a member of Women in Construction Alberta and Calgary Women In Construction Inc.”

Women In Construction provides an extremely cost-effective platform for web advertising as the affordable annual membership fees include a company web banner rotating on various pages on the Women in Construction website. It also includes applicable content sharing on the organization’s Facebook page. Linked In, Twitter and Instagram.

“In addition to the online advertising, a major benefit of membership is our networking events,” said Coates. “We hold regular Lunch n’ Learn events as well as an After Hours Mix n’ Mingle event for our members. It’s all about building relationships in business and these events provide that opportunity.  You know what they say, people aren’t going to buy something from you unless they know and trust you.”

These networking events provide opportunity for women to build relationships in the industry, create business partnerships and potentially gain more customers. Members will gain industry knowledge, experience personal growth and make meaningful connections that could generate more business for their companies.

The membership fee for Women in Construction is only $125.00 a year. The rotating web-banner advertising is included in that fee and members will receive a $10 discount on all networking event admissions.

“Our main goal is to support women in construction. We encourage people to join this organization so we can continue to promote women in the trades and grow as important members of this massive industry in Alberta,” said Coates.

Join this community of skilled workers now, take advantage of the networking and marketing opportunities and experience both personal growth, growth for your business and for women in the industry.

For more information and to sign up for a membership visit  and


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