Work with a handyman to tackle these presale renovations

When trying to sell your house, it’s easy to let the little repairs start to creep up and become major stresses. It is important to fix and update things like chipped paint or outdated fixtures, especially since potential buyers will notice these details. That’s why having a handyman to help with those presale renovations will keep the process stress free.

Handyco Ottawa Inc. in Ottawa is a handyman, renovation, and restoration company. They share how their handyman services can help make your home sell-ready in no time: 

Kitchens: countertops and cabinets

Not all presale kitchen renovations have to mean a full-scale overhaul just to help attract buyers. While kitchens do play a significant role, it’s better to tackle specific, cost-effective renovations. Focus on the countertops and cabinets, which both take up the most visual space. With countertops, don’t automatically go for a personal or necessarily popular choice of material. Granite is attractive, but it might not be cost-effective when trying to sell your house. Instead, talk to your handyman about what gets noticed on the market or what other recently sold houses used in their kitchens. That way, you can make the right choice and ensure your home will appeal to the right buyers.

Cabinets are easier to tackle because you can refresh them instead of spending more to replace them. Keep the colours bright and neutral to appeal to buyers and make the kitchen feel bigger. A cool, dove grey or soft pastel is ideal for creating an attractive space where buyers can still envision themselves living. Another way to update is to install a few glass cabinet doors to add a sleek and aesthetically modern touch.

Bathrooms: paint and update fixtures

If the need calls for it, and you have the right budget, invest in a bathroom remodel. Swap out an old shower for a modern walk-in, update the vanity and sink, and install new heated flooring. The transformation will pay off, especially if the bathroom needs the update. According to the Remodelling Magazine cost vs. value 2020 report, a midrange bathroom renovation can add $13,688 to the resale value.

Otherwise, focus once again on simple changes that’ll help buyers visualize themselves in the room. Repaint the walls a crisp colour like white, light blue, or light green. That’ll help make the space feel bigger and brighter. Have your general contractor install new tiles, for example, a feature wall in the shower. This will add the illusion of height and provide visual interest in the bathroom as well as a luxurious feel to the shower.

Swap out any old sink and shower fixtures and install new gold-toned ones instead to add a pop of colour and warmth. Warmer-toned fixtures and additions help add a lavish and spa-like feeling to a bathroom that buyers will appreciate. Light fixtures as well can be paired with complementary tones to help draw attention throughout the room.

Exterior: landscape and paint

The outside is the first impression of the house a buyer will see, so make sure to give it some attention. A little landscaping will go a long way to dress up a house, making it more attractive and boost that important curb appeal. A simple way is to plant colourful flowers and bushes to add pops of colour and contrast against other greenery. Make sure any trees or bushes are trimmed as well, to create a more uniformed look. Just like the interior, maximize the benefits of painting the outside. Add a fresh white trim to the windows to make the siding pop against them or add a bright, bold colour to your front door for a feature look. It’ll help catch any buyers’ attention and invite them to come inside for a look around.  

Handyman in Ottawa

Handyco Ottawa is there for more than just a quick job; they provide top-quality support and complete satisfaction for all projects. From general maintenance, renovations, handyman services, and more, they are fully skilled and experienced for home transformations.

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