Year-round property maintenance with The Lawnfather

Maintaining a residential or commercial property is a big job. It requires time, tools, labour, and commitment. Hiring a reliable lawn care and snow removal company can provide year-round support for your property’s maintenance needs.

The Lawnfather in Calgary shares how they can help you keep your property clean, safe, and looking great:

Fast, reliable snow removal

When the snow falls, it’s essential to get it cleared as soon as possible. For one thing, the Calgary bylaw requires home and business owners to remove their snow from public sidewalks within 24 hours after the snowfall stops. Timely snow clearing will also improve safety, prevent vehicles from getting stuck, and looks better too.

When it comes to residential snow removal services, you want a punctual, reliable, and professional contractor. The snow removal team at The Lawnfather will ensure quick and safe snow removal so that you can stay warm in your home worry-free. They have developed a system that allows them to monitor, dispatch services, and maintain results throughout the entire winter season.

Spring clean up

It might be winter now, but it doesn’t hurt to plan for your property’s spring cleanup. This service will clean up what winter left behind and prepare your lawn for a healthy growing season. The Lawnfather’s spring cleanup package includes detaching, aeration, blowing out flower beds, leaf and debris cleanup and the lawn’s first mow. As soon as the ground thaws, you can get a head start on your lawn and property maintenance with this comprehensive spring cleanup service.

Ongoing lawn and property maintenance

Whether it’s for your home or business, contracting your lawn maintenance has many benefits. It ensures the lawn is getting the care it needs, even if a strict care regime doesn’t fit into your schedule. You don’t have to worry about buying or maintaining equipment. They’ll take care of mowing, weed control, and more, so you can trust your property will look great all season long. Plus, having someone else mow the lawn means you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy!

Snow Removal, Lawn Care & Maintenance in Calgary

The Lawnfather provides year-round, reliable and affordable property maintenance services to Calgary and surrounding areas. They offer landscaping services like sod installation and artificial grass installation, in addition to regular lawn care and maintenance services. Whether you need snow removal or lawn care of your residential home or commercial property, The Lawnfather can create a program that meets your needs.

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