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RenovationFind raised over 1 Million dollars in their last capital raise to help them grow their team, expand product & service offerings and launch in eastern Canada.

Opening the investment opportunity on Frontfundr allowed them to secure investment from many different type of investors such as Angel investors,  home owners that use and love the RenovationFind platform, and Contractors that are using RenovationFind to grow and build an online reputation.  These investors are invaluable to the company as they have given feedback and suggestions that have improved the platform over the years.

We are looking for more of the same types of investors . Ones that want to help improve the home improvement industry.

Our Story…

Since day one, was founded to revolutionize the home improvement industry.  The company’s mission is to weed out the unqualified contractors from the good ones with its certification program and help promote them on a highly visible platform to homeowners in search for trusted contractors.  

It was founded by a successful and battle-tested serial entrepreneur, Keith Riley. was born while he was operating a granite countertop company, he co-founded back in 2006.  He kept meeting homeowners who were either conned of their money, shoddy work or just a horrible overall experience with contractors.  He has heard it all – from plumbers starting a job and disappearing to a full house renovation where the homeowner put down a deposit and the contractor gutted the house and then declared bankruptcy.    Being the serial entrepreneur he is, he set out to find out why it kept happening.  To his surprise, there was nothing that truly addressed the problem.  He found that the only platforms on the market were review-based and as a contractor himself, he was aware of the growing problem with fictitious reviews.  Bringing his many years of industry experience, he concluded a need to transform the industry by regaining homeowner’s confidence by introducing a research-based platform that was data-driven.  

RenovationFind has evolved over the years to becoming a Canadas fastest growing (Proptech) property technology company for homeowners  to easily connect with Vetted contractors to assist in any home maintenance or improvement that a home owner needs.

For home improvement companies, RenovationFind is a leading (Martech) Marketing technology company. They have build software and services that can help a contractor with everything from building trust with homeowners, collecting customer feedback , building online reviews, generating leads, and so much more!


Why Invest?

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed.  They are just a multiplier.  Execution is worth millions.”  — Steve Jobs

Since its inception in 2014, the founding team has been pushing a boulder up a steep and rigorous mountain with the focus on building a ‘true’ business model – not just technology.  The team took the idea and successfully executed it and is now a business yielding $1.4 million in ARR and they have only scratched the surface – and is now ready to scale!

One of the secret ingredients to this founding team is the married duo; Keith Riley, Founder/CEO and Vivian Riley, COO.  Their aligned passions, complementary skill sets and industry experience makes any founding team relationship strong and successful.  They share the same goals, and after years of marriage, have perfected how they work and communicate with each other.  Together with their founding partner and lead developer, Jason Coo – the idea for was executed with incredible success.  So, you can invest with confidence knowing this team can execute to generate a healthy return on your investment.   

Building a business from the ground-up is not an easy task but the company is passionate about pushing through the challenges because they know they are making a difference by helping homeowners and contractors.  They have been growing alongside with some of their contractors who invested in their mission and vision because they believe in it.  Homeowners have shared their stories on how they love what they are doing and how they have helped! So, it was only natural to open the opportunity to our supporters to become co-owners in the company when they learned about FrontFundr, an equity crowd-funding platform through which all Canadians can invest in their company for as little as $500.  Together, let’s make a household name across Canada as the trusted online resource for homeowners to find the best contractors.  


Our Traction…


We want to give you an opportunity to invest

Since it’s inception, the idea for RenovationFind was executed and has grown into a successful company.  The company has continued to grow despite the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn. In fact, both web traffic and sales have increased since the pandemic started. It is a proven business model. Plus, it has survived and thrived during challenging times. The team at RenovationFind has built a successful business, not just technology.

We wanted to extend an invitation to our community, homeowners, and home improvement companies that we’ve connected with since our beginnings.

Please email if you would like to see the new pitch deck and learn more about the new products and services.

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Disclaimer: Details of the offering can be found in the Offering Document at This communication is for informational purposes only.