Homeowners find help after being ripped off by bad contractors

Local contractor helps a couple with accessibility renovations after two contractors rip them off Life has not been easy for Len and Sheron Pryatel for the last couple of years. Len suffered a massive stroke two years ago. The stroke and its complications have left him paralyzed on one side, in a wheelchair, and requiring significant hospital [...]

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Where to install a fence around your yard

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Small plumbing troubles that cost big in the long run

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Things to know about your paint supplies

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Top 3 home renovations to improve your home

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Restore before you replace your granite countertops

Granite countertops are a worthwhile and beautiful addition to any home. It’s highly durable and doesn’t easily scratch or burn, making it great for busy kitchens. [...]

When to test for mould and asbestos 

Both asbestos and mould can lead to serious health effects when breathed in. Knowing the signs of mould or when to check for asbestos will keep your home and family safe. A [...]

The perfect look for your stock kitchen cabinets  

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4 advantages to working with a general contractor

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The 7 Best Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Calgary

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Why you should renovate your home

A well-designed home caters to your needs and represents your personality. However, if your home feels less like a home or simply no longer meets your needs, it's time to [...]