Homeowners find help after being ripped off by bad contractors

Local contractor helps a couple with accessibility renovations after two contractors rip them off Life has not been easy for Len and Sheron Pryatel for the last couple of years. Len suffered a massive stroke two years ago. The stroke and its complications have left him paralyzed on one side, in a wheelchair, and requiring significant hospital [...]

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Electrical services for your home inside and out

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Three interior home trends to consider in 2022

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What to consider with interior and exterior doors and windows

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Benefits of ICE panels in a new build vs standard materials

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Benefits of Canexel siding for your home

Choosing the right siding for your home is about cost and appearance, but it's also about durability. You need your siding to protect your home, lasting for years [...]

The process of finishing an unfinished basement

Unfinished basements have such potential. Developing your basement can significantly increase your functional living space, improving your lifestyle at home and resale [...]

How Does an Office Remodel Boost Productivity?

How does an office remodel boost productivity? See the answer to this question and more about how commercial renovations can help a business. An office remodel will do more [...]

How to Get More Referrals: For Home Services Businesses

Referrals from a happy customer are one of the best leads your home services business can get. If people promote your business through word of mouth, you'll see better [...]

Cabinet refinishing: paint, stain, lacquer, or conversion varnish

Outdated kitchen cabinets don’t do a lot of good for your kitchen’s overall appearance and appeal. Replacing the cabinets is one option, but it’s not worthwhile if [...]

Why you should finish your home’s basement

Does your house have an unfinished basement that is rarely used? Your basement has so much potential, and a basement development project is worth the cost. From livable [...]