Why Choose Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation?

The decision to renovate your kitchen often is motivated when either the function of existing cabinets no longer accommodates your lifestyle or the original cabinetry is dated and not a reflection of your current design style. Cabinetry is generally the largest portion of a kitchen renovation budget so choosing to use a custom cabinetry supplier like [...]

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4 Common Myths about Solar Debunked

4 Common Myths about Solar Debunked Written by XY Solartech in Vancouver 1. Canada doesn’t have optimal weather for solar power. When people think of Canada, they think [...]

Types of Awnings for Your Outdoor Living Space

An awning over your deck or patio will enhance your outdoor space by making it a more comfortable and functional living area. Find shade from the sun without obstructing [...]

Increase Your Property Value with Home Renovations

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home now or in the future, home renovations can boost the value of your property and help attract qualified potential home [...]

5 Reasons Kitchens Are the Best Place to Start Your Renovations

    Kitchen renovations are the most popular renovation for homeowners. Having a beautiful and functional kitchen will increase your family’s personal enjoyment of the [...]

Why Choose Welded Aluminum Railing?

Whether you’re looking for a strong and affordable railing to complement your interior staircase or need a rail system for your new or renovated deck, there are many [...]

Landscaping Ideas That Will Get You Out of the House

You might have a decent sized yard, but without creating an attractive and functional landscaping design, you are probably not getting the most out of it. How many days in [...]

Tips For Maintaining Your Real Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. It adds a polished look to your home. It’s rich color makes your house look cozy and welcoming. But, it’s not always the cheapest option [...]

Why To Opt For Stainless Steel For A Kitchen Backsplash?

Kitchen backsplashes are here to stay for a long period due to its aesthetic and elegant appeal. Kitchen backsplashes protect your kitchen wall, right behind the sink or [...]

Completely Customize Your Cabinetry

Your kitchen cabinets are the most important component of the kitchen and will be one of the largest items on your kitchen renovation budget. Choosing custom cabinets from [...]

5 Home Electrical Safety Hazards

Your home's electrical could present a hazardous situation and any issues or electrical work should be handled by a professional electrician. Electric Avenue in Vancouver [...]