Setting a standard of excellence for Canadian home service contractors How can homeowners looking to renovate ensure they don’t get burned by a contractor who ghosts, flakes or doesn’t build to code? With no official regulations for home improvement contractors, the risk is entirely on the individual. Something Keith Riley of is looking to change. “Everyone’s heard a story about someone hiring [...]

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Benefits of using hydroseeding for your landscape project

If you're planning a new landscape project, you've probably also considered what to do with your lawn. Lawns play quite a role in overall landscape design and appeal, so it's [...]


When it comes to windows, you want the best. Windows are not merely for allowing more light into your home. They offer many other benefits, including adding value to your [...]

Picking the right tile flooring for each room in your home

Switching to tile floors in your home may seem like a daunting decision, given all the available choices. From natural stone floors, ceramic or porcelain tile, each offers its [...]

Steel siding 101: all you need to know

When you think of steel siding on a building, for most people what comes to mind is commercial buildings. This is, of course, because of the durability and longevity of steel [...]

Family Living: A comfortable basement space

Every family needs a place to spend time together. If you have a basement in your home that may be unfinished or unused space, you may consider turning it into a family [...]

Kitchen and bathroom: additions for a perfect remodel 

With renovations, it's not always the big changes that make the most impact. Sometimes, adding in little details and additions will give you that perfect remodel finish. [...]

Benefits of fibreglass laminated asphalt shingles

Sometimes, when it comes time for a new roof, it's more than just a matter of replacing the old one. If your roof is costing you more in repairs and maintenance, a new [...]

What Kind of Flooring Should You Use for Your Renovation?

Flooring can be an overlooked part of a renovation — but it shouldn’t be. Flooring can completely change up a room by helping to create an open, airy space, or by doing [...]

His company is one of the leading installers of electric vehicle charging stations in the Lower Mainland

Credit: Tanya Goehring on location at Leisure Center Taylor Ross, 29 FOUNDER AND CEO TDR ELECTRIC Life Story: Some people contemplate for years about what [...]

Renovation Budgeting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

There are lots of reasons why you might be taking on a renovation – increase your livable space or update the look and feel of your home.  No matter what the reason you [...]