Financial & Environmental Benefits of Metal Roofing

metal roofing Edmonton Your roof is one of the most expensive components of your home, no matter what kind of roofing materials you use. When it comes time to install a new roof you want to make sure you’re getting a durable, high-quality roofing system that will protect your home from the elements and last a long time before needing another replacement. Investing in a [...]

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Why you should hire a professional house cleaner

Cleaning. Keeping up on your household chores and maintenance can be very time consuming. If you’re juggling work, kids and everything else you feel too exhausted for house [...]

Home Automation Room by Room

home theatre Edmonton Technology is constantly advancing and offering more to homeowners than ever before, all accessible and controllable by the touch of our fingertips. Home automation integrates [...]

Have you had your home MoJo’d yet?

interior designer Edmonton Do you want to give your home a whole new look but are having trouble seeing the big picture? Whether you have some great ideas or are not sure where to start, hiring a [...]

Get Organized with Edmonton Custom Closets

Stay organized with an Edmonton Custom Closet. Get Rid of the Clutter! It doesn’t take long for things to get disorganized in a busy family home. Clutter piles up in the back porch, office, bedrooms and the basement [...]

Roofing System for Low Sloped Roofs

low sloped roof Problems with Low Sloped Roofs Low sloped roofs or flat roofs do not shed water and snow as quickly as steeper roofs, making them more susceptible to leaks or water damage. [...]

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Designer

landscaper Edmonton You want to spruce up your outdoor space but are not sure where to start. You know you could use a place to relax with your morning coffee or entertain friends with a backyard [...]

Why You Should Consider Artificial Grass

artificial grass edmonton When you think of artificial turf you probably think about golf courses and football fields, but artificial grass is becoming more popular for homeowners and has many [...]

The Growth of Women in Construction

Builder And Female Apprentice Carrying Wood On Site More and more women are choosing to work in the home construction and renovation industry. This influx of women has benefited the industry by providing an additional pool [...]

Sell Your Home Faster with Professional Painting

painters Edmonton When you’re putting your home up for sale, it’s important to invest in improving your curb appeal and staging your home attractively in order to lure potential home [...]

5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Garage Door

edmonton garage door company If your garage door is looking worn out, out of date and isn’t operating properly, it is time to consider a new garage door replacement. Beyond improving the way your home [...]