Tips for a Smooth & Successful Home Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Edmonton Home renovations are a lot of work and could be stressful. Not only are they physically demanding, especially if you are doing the work yourself, they can also disrupt your home-life, put strain on your family and cause a lot of stress if you run over your budget. A home renovation project takes careful planning, smart budgeting and construction [...]

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The Process of a Major Home Renovation

Edmonton General Contractors The benefits of a home renovation Not only will a major home renovation improve the aesthetics and your own personal enjoyment of your home, it will also increase your [...]

Learn About Three Types of Home Lighting

calgary lighting companies The type of lighting you have in different rooms throughout your house play a major role in each room's general ambience, feeling and design. Bad lighting can destroy a [...]

Help from a Handyman Services Company

handyman services calgary When you own a house, there is always something to do! Whether you’re fixing a leaky toilet, mowing the lawn, repairing some damaged drywall or wanting to finally [...]

5 Dollar Difference

aura Written by Benjamin Moore Pinnacle Decorating South A customer came up to me recently and mentioned that they liked my paint, but that we were so expensive.  I thanked [...]

When is it time for a window replacement?

maxgreen-windows-and-doors-ltd_gallery_1485465254095 Windows are an important part of your home. They protect your home from the elements, let in natural light and play a big role in your home’s curb appeal. Even if [...]

Why Drywall Should Be Left to the Pros

hand of worker using gypsum plaster ceiling joints Drywall installation is a big part of any major home remodel. Whether you are building an addition, changing the lay-out of your home or finishing your basement, you [...]

Evaluating a Contractor’s Website: How to Choose “Get a Quote” or “Do Not Call”

Credibility Partnership Determination Inspiration Concept Where do you turn when you start looking for a contractor? Let me guess, your friends and then the Internet. This holds true for most people. In fact, statistics show that [...]

The Best Times of Year to Have Home Service Done

snow-removal-season-men-in-kilts-blog By Men in Kilts, Calgary, AB The age-old question: when does my home require service(s)? What are the best times of year for window cleaning, gutter cleaning and other big [...]

Why Consumer Reviews Can’t be Trusted

Online Reviews Word of mouth has always been the most effective marketing tool. We are more likely to purchase a product or service if it has come highly recommended by someone we know and [...]

Tile Can Enhance Any Room in the House

edmonton-tile-flooring Tile is a very popular building material. Not only is it incredibly versatile in design, offering a limitless selection of colours, textures, materials and styles, it is [...]