Day: June 15, 2023

  Building a laneway home, also known as a garden suite on your property has many benefits. This is especially true when considering Toronto’s real estate market. High [...]

  The possibilities with a new custom home in Toronto can seem endless. It is no wonder that some homeowners opt for this choice. Designing a custom home [...]

Many people dream of building a custom home. The idea of designing and building a home that suits the specific needs of you and your family is fabulous. [...]

When renovating your bathroom, following the latest trends or picking a design from a magazine picture can be tempting. But, while it may look stylish, a bathroom renovation [...]

People renovate their homes to improve aesthetics, function, and lifestyles at home. However, home renovations will also improve the value of your home. Which home upgrades will give [...]

Your backyard can be more than just an outdoor space for kids to play and the dog to run around. In fact, you can transform your outdoor space [...]

Blog submitted by Landen Design Build in Calgary. So you are about to venture into the lifestyle of Acreage living, and you’re thinking about buying an acreage property [...]