3 Basement Renovation Ideas

Custom fireplace/Basement Renovation by Meridian Master Builders.

Remodeling or finishing your basement can nearly double your home’s functional living space. You can renovate your basement to include more bedrooms for a growing family, a space for relaxing, entertaining or even build a secondary suite for additional income. A basement renovation will increase your own enjoyment of the space and your home’s resale value.

Meridian Master Builders in Edmonton are custom home builders and renovators. They share 3 ideas for your basement renovation.

1. Create a family entertainment centre.

Having a second space for your family to hang out in is a huge benefit. Whether you are all enjoying a movie night as a family, or the kids get to escape to play with their friends, creating a space for entertainment and having fun is a great idea for families.

If you’re putting in a home theatre, or plan on having a larger TV watching area, consider doing it in a section of the basement that has less windows. This will optimize your viewing. If you plan on using the basement’s living area for relaxing or playing games, put it in an area that has windows and natural light. Consider putting in a kitchenette or wet bar. Then you won’t have to go all the way upstairs for a drink or snack.

Meridian Master Builders can help create a design plan for your family entertainment centre and basement renovation. They can also build custom entertainment centres, kitchenettes and more.

2. The ultimate man (or woman) cave.

If you have a family or live with roommates, having a space to yourself can help you relax or even work on your hobbies. The term “man cave” refers to an space where a man could escape to watch TV, entertain friends or play video games – but really the concept of the man cave applies to anyone in the home. It can also be used for any function too.

Here are some ideas for your private escape:

Library or Office: Rich and famous people in movies always seem to have a study or a library. You can too! Have a general contractor build custom book shelves, add old fashioned lamps, a little wet bar and some comfortable seating.

Workshop or studio: Does someone in your family love to tinker or create? Build a space for wood working, household repair, pottery, painting, drawing, drafting or sewing.

Basement bar: If you’re a craft beer enthusiast or wine connoisseur, create a space for enjoying these delights and entertaining others. You’ll need a custom bar, cabinetry, refrigerator, comfortable seating and don’t forget the pool table.

3. Get a full body work out at your home gym.

If you are into fitness, or want to make it a daily part of your life, building a home gym in the basement can be more cost-effective than a lifetime of gym memberships. Plus, you can more easily squeeze in a workout without having to leave the house.  

If you want to renovate for a home gym, you’ll need to keep the space open. Choose good lighting and make the room look larger by installing floor to ceiling mirrors on one wall. Consider the type of exercising you want to do at home and go shopping for some appropriate fitness equipment. Read this article about building a home gym in any space.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Meridian Master Builders specialize in custom home building and major home renovations. Whether you’re renovating the basement, remodeling the main floor or building a home from scratch, they will be a critical part of your team. Meridian will give you the quality you deserve, using open communication and a process that works.

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