3 FAQs from a paint product professional

A DIY paint job is a cost-effective and relatively easy way to give your home a fresh and modern new look. Choosing the right paint products and supplies is essential to the success of your project. Having access to the correct information is also extremely helpful.

If you’re embarking on a painting project at home, stop by one of Benjamin Moore’s paint stores in Edmonton or Sherwood Park. Their team of paint product experts is there to help you choose the best paint colours, finishes, products, and tools for your project.

Here are some frequently asked questions from these paint product professionals to help you with your task:

Do I need to use a primer first?

If you have brand new drywall or drywall mud to seal, you should use a coat of primer first. Primer will prevent paint from absorbing in that fresh drywall. Without the coat of primer, you’ll need to use far too many coats to get good coverage.

If you are doing a colour change from a very dark to a light colour, a coat of primer might help. Covering dark with light usually takes several coats, but a quick coat of primer can ensure you get the colour you want with fewer coats.

Otherwise, an already painted wall will not require a coat of primer. For more information on primers, and paint-and-primer products, stop by one of Benjamin Moore’s Edmonton paint stores.

Do I need to do two coats?

Yes, you should usually do two coats of paint. Even with high-quality paint, it’s challenging to get uniform colour with a single coat. This lack of coverage is due to improper film build. Plus, no matter how good a painter you are, it’s challenging to eliminate rolling and cutting-in lines with just one coat of paint. Trying to achieve a smooth and rich finish is especially true if you’re doing a colour change. Depending on how drastic the colour change is, two coats is usually enough. Make sure you purchase enough paint and supplies in Edmonton for that second coat.

Do I have to wait for the paint to dry between coats?

Yes. Giving yourself a small window of time between coats will ensure your second coat doesn’t re-wet your first coat. If you apply the second coat too early, you can reactivate that first coat, and it just gets spread around. It won’t give a proper two-coat film build, and you’ll notice inadequate coverage overall. So try to wait three to six hours before applying that second coat.

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