3 Major home renovations for modernization

Modernizing a home takes many shapes. Whether you are looking to modernize with technology or with style and design alone, when complete, these major home renovations give homeowners more convenience and added value. After all, a modernized home upgrade is not only a treat for you but also more appealing to potential buyers.

Kanox Construction Inc. is a trusted full-service general contractor with over 25 years of experience in home renovations in Vancouver. No matter how you aim to modernize your living space, Kanox has the best renovation ideas to achieve your goals.

Home Renovations with Multiple Goals in Mind

Home renovation goals can include more than one. So, while considering these ideas for modern home renovations, consider some of your other goals, too! Kanox Construction professionals will work to incorporate them all in your plan.

Embracing Smart Technology

Smart home technology is convenient to have in any room! Kanox Construction Inc. has the tools and experience to incorporate smart technology in all areas of your house. Smart home technology often involves lighting, entertainment, security, or appliances. Smart HVAC systems are increasingly popular for major home renovations in Vancouver.

Welcoming Open Spaces

Many contemporary homes now integrate open floor plans characterized by fewer walls, fewer doors, and rooms that flow into one another. This trend applies to both larger areas, such as creating an open-concept main floor, and smaller spaces, including bathrooms, closets, and cupboards. Kanox Construction Inc. excels at redesigning floor plans to meet diverse needs. If you want to create more space through a significant home renovation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kanox for expert guidance.

Find the Renovation Trends

Now, what is on-trend may not always be right for you. However, the Kanox Construction designers will find the best new styles to blend with your creative vision. Their entire team stays up-to-date on all aspects of renovation trends. The open floor plans mentioned look modern and timeless when coupled with clean lines or neutral colours.

Major Renovations in Vancouver with Kanox Construction

The Kanox team of experienced designers, carpenters, contractors, and managers complete home renovations with a design-build approach. Kanox Construction Inc. works with residential and commercial clients, and they specialize in custom home builds and renovations. Their experience and quality of work are backed by more than two decades in the field.

Moreover, this quality is supported by warranty programs and awards. Kanox Construction is committed to providing Vancouver homeowners with integrity and honesty on each project. They provide creative solutions, stylish designs, and modern home renovation ideas in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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