3 Reasons to switch to solar energy

Solar energy is not new. In fact, scientists have worked at harnessing the sun’s power since the invention of the first panel in 1954. Since then, engineers and scientists have worked to make these panels a viable power source at home. Today, it is possible to have a house entirely powered by solar energy. Moreover, residential solar panels have the potential to produce more energy than is needed for the home.

Firefly Solar in Edmonton is dedicated to solar energy services and solar panel installation. They are the top solar panel installers for Western Canadian homes. And with their many successful past projects, Firefly Solar noticed the many advantages of using solar energy in the house. Read below for the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of residential solar panels.

1. Reduced energy bills

Did you know that some homeowners make money off of their solar panels? As mentioned above, some homeowners may produce more solar energy than their home needs. In this case, selling that energy back to the grid is possible. In Alberta, the process is called becoming an Independent Power Producer (IPP). Firefly Solar educators walk homeowners through the process of becoming an IPP. They’ll answer any questions about the legal and municipal requirements for energy production.

2. Solar energy is renewable!

It is no secret that humans should be less reliant on non-renewable resources for the benefit of the planet. And solar panel installation is the simplest, most effective way for homeowners to do their part. Solar energy is completely clean, too. This means there are no emissions as the panels create electricity. Talk to Firefly Solar’s educators about the many environmental benefits of switching to a renewable power source.

3. Increased home value

Studies from the United States and Canada show that home buyers are willing to pay extra for a house with solar panels. In Canada, that extra can go as high as 4%. Therefore, those same studies show that many homeowners are willing to make an upfront investment to save money down the road.

Solar Panels in Edmonton

Firefly Solar recognizes the many advantages of solar panel installations. As Western Canada’s leading solar panel provider, they offer a team of solar energy experts and engineers. Firefly Solar provides solar solutions for commercial properties, homeowners, and those looking for a life off-grid. Firefly Solar makes the process of “going green” a lot simpler, too. They offer finance or purchase options, manufacturer warranties, and custom panel engineering. Their trained and certified solar experts are happy to help with any questions about the new technology.

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