4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Spark Inspiration

When undergoing a bathroom renovation, there are lots to think about. From the layout to the design, there are many ways you can bring out your creativity for your new bathroom – especially a master ensuite. From the general contractors at Domicile Construction in Vancouver, here’s 5 creative renovation ideas for your next bathroom renovation.

1. Custom shower

A tailor-made shower will ensure you have all the features you’ve always wanted. Options could include rainfall and handheld showerheads, different unique faucets, side jets, glass doors, and other components. Choose from a variety of different materials, too. Whether you’re looking for a modern shower with silver, vintage with brass, or any other material, it’s all up to you! There’s also the look of the shower itself, in terms of tile, glass, and benches for additional character and function. Consider transforming your bathroom with a custom shower.  

2. Unique tiling

Tiles come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. Whether it be in the shower, a backsplash, or flooring, tile lets your creativity run wild. You could alternate between two different kinds of tile to create a unique pattern. There’s also the option of choosing a unique shape instead of a plain square tile. Tile comes in different textures, all at your disposal when designing your bathroom. Or, keep things simple with white tile throughout the room. These ideas can be considered when installing tile in your bathroom renovation to make the space stand out from the rest. 

3. Stand-alone tub

Stand-alone tubs are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Not only can it be nice to have a separate shower and tub, but it adds character to your bathroom in a new way. While some may associate the stand-alone tub with a more vintage style, there are other styles to keep it modern and contemporary. Plus, these tubs are deep enough to allow for a full, luxurious soak! Combine function with luxury by adding a stand-alone bathtub in your bathroom renovation. 

4. Storage solutions

Storage can be tricky in bathroom spaces, especially if the room is small. One idea is to install custom cabinetry for the vanity, giving you and other household members the necessary space for their belongings. There’s also the option of open shelving along the walls for decor or for towels and clothes. Your contractor will work with your space to determine the best storage solutions for your unique needs. 

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