5 Creative Stair Painting Ideas

Looking to add a fresh, new element to your home decor? Hoping to update one of the most used areas of your dwelling?

You’ve come to the right place. And don’t worry, you don’t have to build anything new or paint them yourself (we can do that for you).

You can change your space by entertaining some of these creative stair painting ideas.

1. Choose the Risers or the Steps

The risers are the vertical parts on the staircase that give gaps between the next step.

Consider painting the risers one color and the steps another. The risers can be the accent, painted in a dark color like grey or black.

Or you can do the reverse, making the accent piece the step and giving the risers a nice, neutral paint.

This would work with using two different wood paint finishes, too. If you already have wood stairs, this could mean simply refinishing stairs in two different colors.

2. Get Vibrant With Stair Painting

If your home has mostly neutral colors like grey, white, black, or brown, consider making your stairs the highlight of color and energy.

You can go full-out with it, like the Scala staircase in Wuppertal, Germany, painting a rainbow by making each step a different color. Or, you can choose one color and make it ombre as the steps go up.  You can splash color on either or both the steps and risers.


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3. Paint a Runner

If you want to keep a traditional element while updating your staircase, consider painting a runner.

This means painting a stripe down the middle. Or, you can do it reverse, painting just the outside parts of the steps.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Home Alone, you might get inspired to paint a red runner down the middle with a wooden outside finish. This will give your home a royal, warm vibe.

4. Use Patterns or Shapes

Chevron is still incredibly popular, so consider painting the risers with a chevron pattern while keeping the steps one solid color.

You could even decorate with lines, shapes, or words if you have certain designs or symbols that resonate with you.

One idea is to paint words of affirmation on your steps so that when you climb them every day, you are inspired, encouraged, and uplifted.

5. Make Them Ornate

To really make them the centerpiece of your home, paint stairs in a unique way.

You could do a faux marble or a painted brass paint.

Drawing inspiration from mosaics, you could make the risers on your staircase have small painted details, like the mosaic-style staircases in San Francisco.

You don’t have to do tile to do this—you could find a pattern you like and have it painted on with a stencil.

Find Something That Fits Your Style

Finding the best stair painting ideas depends on you and your home’s style.

You may want to match the colors or themes you already have, or opt for something completely different. Perhaps you don’t want to change it up—you can still do some stair refinishing and make them seem sparkly and new.

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