5 Plumbing services that can improve your home

Plumbing, like electrical, is a critical component of any home. A home’s plumbing system affects every room in the house. As plumbing systems are often large, complex, and vital, it is difficult to know where to begin.

Safari Plumbing in Ottawa is here to help. Below is a list of excellent places to start considering plumbing home improvements. These are areas that have a significant impact on daily living. In addition, they are services that Safari Plumbing has offered in Ottawa for over four decades.

1. Kitchen & bathroom plumbing renovations

These plumbing renovations make a big difference in daily life. A kitchen or bathroom plumbing upgrade is a great way to add value to your home if resale is in the future. Furthermore, when it comes to the day-to-day, a kitchen or bathroom plumbing renovation makes life more convenient and more enjoyable. This is true of major plumbing renovations and minor fixes or repairs. For example, a more minor repair, like fixing a leaky faucet, could decrease your water bill by a significant amount.

2. Drain cleaning

Regular drain cleaning improves many parts of your home and is vital to preventative maintenance. Tell-tale signs you need drain cleaning include strange odours, slow drains and ongoing issues with appliance issues with sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs. However, regular drain cleaning will improve your bathroom, kitchen, and possibly other rooms of the home.

Safari Plumbing offers drain cleaning in Ottawa and can thoroughly assess any drains that might concern you. Additionally, Safari has the tools to take care of toilet clogs or more stubborn clogs with hydrojetting services.

3. Sump pump maintenance

The sump pump’s primary function is basement flood prevention. Unfortunately, if a sump pump stops working, it can cause damage to your basement, home, and belongings. Hiring a reliable sump pump contractor in Ottawa for regular maintenance is the best way to avoid basement flooding. Plus, this will help you avoid many other future issues. Safari Plumbing in Ottawa is experienced with sump pump maintenance, repairs, and installations.

4. Water treatment

As a full-service plumbing company in Ottawa, Safari will create tailored water treatment solutions to meet individual needs. You have options, as there are many different ways to treat your home’s water. Safari Plumbing’s water treatment options include whole-home systems, point-of-use systems, carbon filters, reverse osmosis, or water softeners.

Alongside the many types of water treatment options are several benefits. Overall, any water you use will be of higher quality. In addition, the higher quality water tastes better, cleans more effectively, and leaves skin or hair feeling much softer. Plus, treated water is easier on plumbing appliances.

5. Annual plumbing inspections

Schedule your next annual plumbing inspection, and avoid any big surprises come winter. Yearly plumbing inspections are a simple and effective way to keep your pipes in shape. On top of the pipes, a plumbing inspection will help keep the appliances or fixtures in top shape. Moreover, a plumbing inspection is an excellent way to evaluate the system’s condition before selling.

So, what can an expert plumbing contractor like Safari Plumbing inspect? Safari Plumbing offer inspections for drains, fixtures, appliances, water heaters, valve, water pressure, or supply lines. Additionally, these inspections are part of regular sump pump maintenance.

Contact Safari Plumbing today to start your home improvements!

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