5 Signs your Yard Needs Regrading

Minor problems with yard grading can cause significant problems for you, the homeowner. Yard grading refers to properly levelling and sloping yard elements, especially sod and topsoil. And when grading becomes an issue for homeowners, it will usually show itself in a few different ways. These problems with yard grading can, however, be fixed!

GTS Landscaping in St. Albert has over 25 years of landscaping experience, including grading and regrading. And over their landscaping projects, GTS has become skilled in working with old homes and properties. Grading repairs are commonly needed on old properties but can show up as easily on new properties which weren’t properly graded the first time. GTS’s grading repair services can help when you notice these signs of a yard that needs regrading.

Signs your yard needs regrading

1. Water pools where it shouldn’t

If you notice many puddles on your lawn, you may want to consider the lawn’s grading. While not all yards are perfectly level, any yard’s slopes must be placed with purpose. This is because snowmelt and rainwater must flow away from your home and its foundation. And while professional landscapers consider that, they must also consider how water flows into alleyways, surrounding streets, and other homes.

GTS Landscaping’s grading services in St. Albert will offer professional solutions to issues like pooling water. In addition, their yard grading services include a thorough survey and analysis of the data to give you a clear picture of what needs to be done to level your yard.

2. Basement flooding or foundation damage

As water pools where it should not, the water may also get into places it does not belong. For example, issues with yard grading are often revealed through a home’s foundation. In the earlier stages, yard grading issues might appear as cracks in the foundation or an uneven look of the foundation. However, if the damage continues through the home’s foundation, the water can eventually cause basement flooding.

4. Large patches of dead grass or weeds

Soil that becomes too dense or compact can produce irritating weeds. This type of soil can also make it harder for grass to grow. The dense soil doesn’t allow for the easy movement of oxygen or sunlight. So, grading the patchy grass, or your fields of weeds, can loosen up the soil in an even way. GTS Landscaping offers yard grading services in St. Albert and the surrounding Sturgeon County and can help mediate any lack of or unwanted growth in your yard.

5. Dips or lumps that stand out

These imperfections in your lawn might stand out while mowing or weed whacking. Any obvious dips can also be revealed from water pooling after a rainfall or snow melt. Additionally, if these dips and lumps on your lawn are big enough to stand out, you may be able to spot them with a first look.

GTS Landscaping is experienced with small grading projects meant to correct these irritating imperfections in your lawn. They can also combine smaller grading projects with other small landscaping projects to have all the work seamlessly blend as a finished product.

Landscapers in St. Albert

GTS Landscaping has over 25 years of landscaping experience in St. Albert and Sturgeon County. They are a full-service landscape company that offers start-to-finish outdoor solutions. This includes landscape design, landscape construction, and grading repair services. GTS Landscaping is fully equipped for small- and large-scale landscape construction projects.

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