8 Tips To Select Right Bathroom Furniture In The UK

When it comes to bathrooms, there are new designs and concepts pouring in to the market, thanks to technology and industry enthusiasts. When you are planning to design a new bathroom or just simply want to remodel, , you need to look at every aspect to ensure you are using the space to it’s full effect.


One of the most important factors is bathroom furniture and a great way to make the most of the space you have is to choose fitted bathroom furniture in UK. There is a wide range of designs from traditional ones to contemporary available to choose from and there is always something available that suits your taste.

When you are designing your home, specifically the bathroom, there are many things you need to be aware of, especially different bathroom furniture components such as vanity units, WC units, basin, cabinets and cupboards, drawer units, etc.

Here is a list of things you need to consider while designing your bathroom:

  1. Remember, the main function and purpose of the fitted bathroom furniture is to offer you great storage for your personal belongings. Whether it is a wall mounted cabinet, vanity unit, corner units or drawer units, they should serve the core purpose – storage. You can store all your personal hygiene items, beauty products, cleaning items, toilet rolls, towels and other items there.


  1. The size and type of the storage space too depends on you – you need to have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for. Make a list of things you want to store in the storage units. Different storage units play different roles. Drawers are generally used to store small items while cupboards are used to store more bulky items.


  1. Don’t forget to add a linen unit to store your laundry. Ensure that the type and colour of the linen unit match with the rest of the bathroom design.


  1. Fitted bathroom furniture offers additional storage space too. For example, a vanity unit does not just offer a basin and tap but also offers below basin storage. When it comes to choosing a vanity unit, check out all the materials on the market such as solid wood, MDF, granite, marble or laminated work surface.


  1. Furthermore, there are various types of basins available such as under counter basins, inset basins, countertop basins among others. There are also different taps available such as wall mounted taps, work surface mounted taps and basin mounted taps.


  1. If you are looking for a simple and streamlined toilet look where waste pipes and water supply are hidden, you can choose a WC unit. You can decide between a wall hung toilet or back to wall toilet unit.


  1. If you are working with a smaller bathroom or you want to keep a minimum distance between the toilet and the basin unit, you could choose a basin and toilet combination unit. It has both in one piece and serves the core purpose perfectly. In addition to that, it also makes the bathroom look more spacious.


  1. Moreover, when it comes to colours and tones of bathroom furniture, there are many possibilities. There are different types of surfaces such as wood, marble, laminate or veneered MDF which means plenty of options to match with your chosen decor. Keep in mind how easy each surface will be to maintain before making your decision



While buying bathroom furniture in UK, there are many online stores available to make the whole process simple. Remember, the bathroom is an important part of your home and should be designed perfectly to enhance comfort and convenience. Keep in the mind the above points before choosing your bathroom furniture.

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