Adding accessibility to new builds and renovations 

When designing a new home or planning a renovation, it’s not just about the aesthetics and visuals. Function and accessibility explicitly designed for your needs are also essential. Access City Projects in Chilliwack specializes in precise solutions for accessibility in your home while continuing to improve aesthetics and your enjoyment of the space. 

They share more about how you can add accessibility to your new home or renovation plans:

Wider halls, entries, and turn spaces

Whether by foot on with a wheelchair, getting around your home shouldn’t be a difficult task. Widening narrow spaces in your home is not only functional, but it’s also a visually nice change. For example, the open spaces will make moving down the hallway or passing someone easier and welcome more light. Likewise, living rooms and bedrooms should have enough room to navigate and turn around without being blocked by furniture.

Lower switches but raise outlets

Lowering light switches enables anyone in your house to access lighting without any risk of an accident. If need be, changing the type of light switch can also make accessibility easier. Larger buttons are easier to turn on or off while sliding switches help with motor skills accessibility. Raising the height of electrical outlets from the ground is another two-in-one benefit for convenience and safety. The raised height makes it easier for anyone to access the outlet as needed, even from a wheelchair. It also helps raise any wires off the floor, which are potential safety and tripping hazards otherwise. 

Walk-in shower

A glass-enclosed walk-in shower may be the new bathroom standard, but it is also an accessibility boost and key for ageing in place. The easy-to-access shower is the best option for those who use a wheelchair or have mobility issues where a bathtub isn’t an option. For the design, make sure there is no raised step or lip on the edge of the shower door, which can be a tripping risk. Inside the shower, a bench and grab bars will allow for safe, seated showers without the risk of slipping. Textured tiles will also make the floors less slippery, even when wet. 

Lower the kitchen

Kitchens are an important area to design around accessibility as well as safety. Lowering countertop heights will make accessing surfaces to prep food or reach appliances easier; instead of having control at the back of appliances, select front control appliances for easier access. Stacking is another excellent design, like having the microwave above the stove. That will limit how much movement around the kitchen is needed while cooking. A sink with open front access is a significant accessibility change that will allow anyone in a wheelchair to easily reach and use the sink. Read more accessible kitchen design ideas

General Contracts in Chilliwack

No matter the project, whether a remodel, complete overhaul or accessibility improvement, Access City Projects is here to help. They pride themselves on having 25+ years of combined trade experience and happy customers throughout that time. From design consultation, renovations, or increasing access in your home, they will create a design plan that best meets your needs now and for the future.

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