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There’s a drain that’s constantly clogged, your water pressure doesn’t seem right and you can’t seem to fix that leaky tap!  Not every home owner has their head wrapped around their plumbing system, which is why you should rely on the expertise of a professional like Pro Plumbing & Heating Ltd. in Edmonton. They answer some common plumbing FAQs.

Why isn’t my sink draining?

Clogged drain usually means a clogged pipe!  If your kitchen sink is draining slow, or not draining at all, it could mean food materials are stuck in there.  In the bathroom sink or bathtub, a build up of hair and soap residue is usually the culprit.  The best thing to do is to remove the drain plug and see if you can remove the clog with needle nose pliers.  If not, you’ll have to go under the sink and unscrew the pipe.

If that fails, you call a professional plumber for drain cleaning services. Be careful not to use chemical drain cleaners. They are so powerful that they can actually start to corrode and damage your pipes!

What happened to my great water pressure?

Usually low water pressure is caused by an issue between the property and the water meter. There could be a faulty value or shut-off causing the system to become unsteady. You should hire a plumber to inspect it.  They might have to replace the shut off valve to fix any issues. Another reason of low water pressure is deposits in the pipes. Again, you should contact a plumber if there is a noticeable decrease in water pressure.

What plumbing fixture in my house is using the most water?

So you like to take long showers!  Believe it or not, the toilet is usually the biggest consumer of water in your home, not the shower or bath.  If you want to conserve water, consider installing a low-flo or more efficient toilet.  If your toilet is constantly running or leaking, you should contact a plumber to fix the problem before you see a major spike in your water bill. Learn how to save water.

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How can I keep my pipes from freezing in the winter?

Frozen pipes can cause major issues and a huge financial burden for homeowners.  Your pipes should be properly insulated at installation.  If you are leaving for a holiday during the winter, make sure you have someone you trust check on your house every couple of days to make sure your pipes are not freezing and/or bursting.  Turning off your water while your away is not a bad idea.  If your pipes freeze you could be in big trouble. Pro Plumbing & Heating offers emergency plumbing services and can help you out with that.

Why has my water bill significantly increased?

Dripping faucets and leaky toilets are a huge cause of increased water use.  There is a tool called wasted water calculator that gives an accurate quantity of water wasted per day.  If there is a drip every two seconds; it is calculated that there are 30 drips every minute and 43, 200 drips per day. As per the calculator, the amount of water wasted sums up to 2 gallons per day. So, if your faucet is dripping – you need to fix it!

Damaged or worn parts are the culprit for most leaky toilets. For example, the issue may be warped flap, which is allowing the water to leak down the drain.  If this is the case, you might need professional plumbing repair.

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Pro Plumbing & Heating serves the greater Edmonton area with superior plumbing installations and repair services. They have over 20 years of experience helping customers with all types of plumbing issues and furnace cleaning and repair. Their goal is to provide friendly, competent service, which is why all their plumbers are well-trained and enjoy working directly with customers. If you need repairs on a water heater, want to install a new kitchen sink, or need to troubleshoot a problem with your furnace, contact them today to book an appointment. 


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