Bathtub to Shower Conversions

Do you find you never use the bathtub? If you usually take showers and rarely use the tub, you might want to consider a bath to shower conversion. With help from Craved Renovations in Winnipeg, you can turn your shower into a luxurious retreat! After kitchens, bathroom renovations have one of the highest return on investment and can help increase your resale value. Read on to learn more about this smart home renovation:

Reasons to Convert your Tub to a Shower:

In many cases, homeowners just prefer showers over baths. Bathrooms that have a shower over a bathtub are growing in popularity. According to this article in House Logic, a survey that found that more than 60% of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub. They still recommend that you keep at least one tub in your home. While tub-less bathrooms are trendy, people will still have a hard time purchasing a home that has no bathtub at all.

For some people, it’s to increase safety and accessibility. Tubs are difficult for people with mobility issues to get in and out of. Falls are one of the top reasons for hospitalization for seniors and those living with mobility issues. Bathroom renovations that include a bath to shower conversion can create a safe environment and give you peace of mind.

Modern showers can be built with lots of easy-to-use features like seats and sturdy handles to help those with mobility issues. There are many luxury features you can add that everyone in the home will enjoy. Browse the huge selection of fixtures from a bathroom and plumbing supply store to find fixtures that match your design. Craved Renovations can recommend fixtures to improve your bathroom’s efficiency like water-saving showerheads.

What to expect when you renovate the bathroom:

When you contact Craved Renovations, they will come to your home to inspect the existing bathtub area. This is to make sure it’s actually compatible with a bath to shower conversion. Once you get your quote and decide to move forward with the project the work begins!

It starts with demolishing the old bathtub area and making any necessary repairs to ensure your new shower remodel will function perfectly. After the area is properly prepared they will begin to install the shower you have chosen as well as the fixtures. When the conversion is complete, the contractor will clean up the workspace and dispose of the old tub for you. Now you are ready to enjoy your brand new shower!

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