5 Best Rubber Paving Companies in Vancouver

The Best Rubber Paving Companies in Vancouver Although concrete has long been a staple for driveways and patios, there’s a new contender on the market. Rubber paving is steadily making waves as a money-saving, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance surface. The material is also far more flexible, so even weather fluctuations like extreme cold or heat won’t cause damage.

When installing your new rubber, it is still best for a professional to handle it. With the variety of colours available, surface repaving options, and design options, professional input will help. A rubber paving expert can guide you through those design options and ensure you get the perfect look. 

What is rubber paving?

At its core, rubber paving is an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to other traditional paving materials. As its name suggests, it’s made from rubber, but no chemicals or harmful materials are added. It’s made from recycled tires that are ground down, bonded with an adhesive and then poured over a surface. A typical single-car driveway can keep 60 tires from reaching the landfill and polluting the environment. 

Where can rubber paving be used?

One of the many things about rubber paving that makes it so appealing is the diversity of its uses. Rubber paving can enhance the function, appeal, safety, and aesthetics of many outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Driveways: Driveways are among the most popular paving options, as they play a vital role in a home’s curb appeal. Cracked and old driveways are a safety hazard and reduce a home’s value. Concrete driveways can also be a hassle to clear and shovel during winter. Rubber paving not only seals and enhances your driveway but is also naturally slip-resistant and resists ice buildup. 

Play areas: The natural softness of rubber paving makes it a great play surface for kids. It can be used for playrooms, playgrounds, daycares, sports courts, etc. Many rubber paving companies provide commercial services alongside residential to install rubber paving for safe play. 

Pool sides: Rubber paving enhances the look of your pool or hot tub and boosts safety. Concrete and other surfaces can become slippery when wet, but a rubber surface doesn’t have that problem. It provides a safe, soft, and (most importantly) slip-resistant surface.

Walkways: Rubber paving is a versatile paving surface that can even enhance landscaping. With a diverse range of colours and design options, rubber walkways can add a distinctive touch to any green space.

Garage floor: A rubber surface can enhance the space if you use your garage as a workshop. It makes it more comfortable to stand on, is warmer in the winter, and keeps the floors cleaner. 

Asphalt, brick, concrete, roofing membrane, paving stones, tile, wood, limestone, and gravel: These surfaces can be covered with a fresh rubber surface. This means there are near nearly paving possibilities to add value, new style, and appeal.

Is rubber paving right for you?

Given all the benefits of rubber paving, there’s still the question of whether it’s right for you. To decide that is a matter of asking yourself a few questions. Rubber is suitable for a durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance surface. Its ability to withstand harsh weather, high foot traffic, and eco-friendly benefits naturally make it a popular option. It can also be the right option if you have children and want a safe surface for play and fun.  

The Best Rubber Paving Contractors in Vancouver

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Vancouver rubber paving companies:

1. Urban Rubber Paving

Website https://www.urbanrubberpaving.com/ 
Phone (778) 654-5677
Email sales@urbanrubberpaving.com 
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/urban-rubber-paving-6762 

Urban Rubber Paving is a locally owned family business that prides itself on installing safe and long-lasting rubber surfaces. Its services include repaving driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, commercial playgrounds, and other surfaces. Urban Rubber Paving is also a proudly approved installer of Shercom Industries Inc., which was founded in 1993. Shercom products are made of recycled rubber, transforming an environmental hazard into a sustainable and reusable product. 

Their team’s experience and rubber paving knowledge, spanning since 2015, means an easy and stress-free process guarantee. The rubber paving process is installed and drivable within 72 hours, and even 20+ years down the road, it will look just as good.

Key services & features

– 5-year warranty
– Installation over concrete, asphalt, paving stones, or gravel
– Residential and commercial paving
– 100% Canadian manufactured & installed
– No-commitment estimate

Customer Feedback         

Urban Rubber Paving did an outstanding job in repairing our driveway and sidewalk. They were professional in all aspects of this job from the initial estimate, to communication with the office, to the crew doing the paving. Everything was done when they said it would be done and on time. We are thrilled with the product. Our driveway and sidewalk look fantastic and it is nice to walk on. We highly recommend Urban Rubber Paving.

– Val, Google

2. Green Tech Resurfacing

Website  https://greentechresurfacing.com/index.html 
Phone 604-908-3573
Email nelson@greentechresurfacing.com 
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/green-tech-resurfacing-6761 

As a nine-time trusted Pro Winner, Green Tech Resurfacing is a leading provider of high-quality rubber paving solutions. They pride themselves on providing eco-friendly, durable, and affordable rubber paving solutions for residential and commercial needs. Their rubber paving is ideal for various applications, from driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and more. It’s a slip-resistant, impact-resistant and extreme weather-resistant material that makes it ideal for any property. 

Additionally, Green Tech Resurfacing understands that each property and need is unique, so no solution is copied and pasted. Their team offers a wide range of colours and patterns, ensuring a tailored look. They’ll also work closely with you to create a custom design so that you’ll still love the look of your rubber paving years later. 

Key services & features

– 5-year warranty on cracking
– Free estimate
– Residential and commercial paving
– One-day installations
– Made from BC recycled tires
– Application across driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and more

Customer Feedback

We had our driveway done last year and we were very happy with the result. We decided to do the back patio and sidewalk this year as it was uneven with different surfaces and are so happy with the result. It made a huge difference to our space.
The crew were responsible careful and did a great job in a timely manner. We would highly recommend this company.

– Susan, Google

3. Eco Paving

Website  https://ecopaving.com/
Phone 1-800-609-5408
Email info@ecopaving.com 
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/eco-paving-6760 

When you’re looking to upgrade cracked concrete or asphalt, Eco Paving is there to help. They have helped homeowners feel good about their homes for over a decade and have completed over 10,000 projects. Every member at Eco Paving goes through a robust certification process to ensure they are complete experts at their job. They all take pride in their work and, as such, always deliver the highest quality installations possible. Their team can enhance driveways, pool decks, patios, playgrounds and stairs/walkways for residential and commercial needs. With 16 different colours available, their team can work with you to lock down the best look, style, and feel for your property.

Key services & features

– 5-year warranty
– Free quote
– Residential and commercial paving
– Low maintenance
– 30% less expensive than concrete
– Application across asphalt, concrete, tiles, pavers, Torch on
– 16 available colours

Customer Feedback

We just had our driveway, front steps, and sidewalk resurfaced by Eco Paving and have been thoroughly pleased with the service. The estimator, paving crew, and follow-up have all made me feel informed and comfortable about the job. I would seriously recommend anyone contemplating getting their driveway resurfaced to look into the work that Eco Paving does.

– Keith, Google

4. Vancouver Safety Surfacing Ltd.

Website https://vancouversafetysurfacing.com/
Phone 778-877-4229
Email sales@vancouversafetysurfacing.com 
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/vancouver-safety-surfacing-ltd-5937 

At Vancouver Safety Surfacing Ltd., safety and customer satisfaction are their priority. Their team goes above and beyond for every project to ensure customers are always happy. Since first opening their doors in 2015, they have worked towards ensuring surfaces are safer to walk on. Their poured-in-place, non-slip, impact-resistance rubber safety surfacing provides just that safety and appeal feature. The team can work on driveways, patios, and other surfaces. Their rubber paving is also a non-toxic, eco-friendly, flexible and affordable product that lasts many years. They can revitalize old, cracked, aging driveways, garage floors, patios or decks in less than a day. And, if you need financial help, Vancouver Safety Surfacing Ltd. works with Financeit to provide that extra support. 

Key services & features

– 5-year warranty
– Financeit partnership
– Residential and commercial projects
– Application across driveways, garage floors, patios, decks, playgrounds, daycares
– Low maintenance
– Wide range of colour options

Customer Feedback

The team was the best team of workers I have ever hired. They were on time, quiet (no radios), cleaned up perfectly at the end of every day. Management quoted a fair price and stuck to it. There are many construction crews out there that could learn a thing or two from this company. I would highly recommend them.

– Leslie, Google



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5. Armadillo Surface Solutions

Website https://armadillosurfacesolutions.com/ 
Phone 250-748-5525
Email info@armadillosurfacesolutions.com 

Just as armadillos are covered in a robust and protective shell, Armadillo Surface Solutions provides a protective layer to your home. The only difference is that rubber paving is a lot softer! Seeing an opportunity to bring safety and beauty to any home or business, Armadillo Surface Solutions was founded in 2013 to do just that. Their team offers honest, quality services with a track record of integrity that you can trust. They can resurface driveways, sidewalks and steps, pools and patios, decks and more for residential and commercial needs.

From classic black to techno-colour and everything in between, their range of colours can achieve any look you want. They provide custom design and budgeting to suit any need and ensure you get the right solution. With Armadillo Surface Solutions, they proudly offer rubber paving safety surfaces that are both functional and beautiful. 

Key services & features

– Locally owned
– Satisfaction guarantee
– Reliable & trained technicians
– Residential and commercial
– 40% less than concrete removal and replacement costs
– Fully accredited, insured and works with Work Safe BC, BC Tire Stewardship Program

Customer Feedback

Our garage floor looks amazing and is so comfortable to stand on when we use the workspace now. We were well informed about what we could expect from a rubber surface and the result has exceeded our expectations. Bruce came and did the job himself with one assistant and it was completed in a day. Simone answered all the questions I had and gave us good advice. This is a professional team and I would certainly recommend them.

– Elisabeth, Google

Rubber Paving is easy to maintain!

Once a newly installed rubber surface is in place, it’s straightforward to maintain. Given its natural durability and resistance, there won’t be any risk of cracks or wear developing. However, the surface will collect dirt, leaves, grease and snow, requiring minimal cleaning. 

Ice and snow: Rubber surfaces don’t accumulate ice, so there’s no need for salt or de-icing methods in the winter. As for clearing the snow away, a plastic shovel is best. Metal can scratch the rubber surface, causing damage.

Dirt and leaves: A simple bristled broom or garden hose wash will do the trick to clear away clutter. If you want to provide a deeper clean, a pressure washer is safe to use on a low setting.

Grease and stains: Rubber paving on a driveway or garage can accumulate some stains. Whether that’s from paint, oils, or grease, it’s essential to clear away to keep the surface clean. Unlike other surfaces, however, these marks don’t cling to rubber as stubbornly. A bit of soap, water, and a good scrub will remove imperfections. Just be sure to avoid any acid-based products, as that will cause damage. 

What to look for in a rubber paving company?

Once you know that rubber paving is the right choice for your needs, it’s time to contact a professional. Any of the companies listed above is a qualified and reliable choice. 

When choosing a company, it’s still worthwhile knowing what to look for specifically. Start by getting quotes from multiple companies to get the right fit for your needs and budget. Also, take the time to look at each company’s services and offerings, as they can vary. Some companies may specialize specifically in repaving driveways or walkways, while others may specialize across more. 

Property owners often choose rubber paving for its environmentally friendly benefits. When selecting a company, make that part of your decision process and look into how a rubber paving company gets its products. Don’t hesitate to talk to your rubber paving contractor and get more information on how they get their products. It may even lead you to more eco-friendly options, like donating your old vehicle tires to be turned into rubber paving.


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