The 5 Best Stock Cabinet Companies in Winnipeg

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are some of the more costly projects. However, there are ways to reduce spending for even the most significant project. For kitchens and bathrooms, opting for stock cabinets is a great way to reduce the cost of an expensive custom cabinet job. There are stock cabinet companies and cabinet warehouses in Winnipeg ready to help.

Around the city, homeowners can find various stock cabinetry to fit any budget or style. Stock cabinets are pre-fabricated for pickup or delivery and often include other pieces. Countertop and cabinet replacement can go hand-in-hand. So, you will find many reputable cabinet companies in Winnipeg with countertops, too. Winnipeg’s stock cabinet companies will also carry other stock products like bathroom vanities, sinks, or furniture.

For those who chose to install their own cabinets, it is essential to remember you’re not entirely alone in the installation. We’ve gathered the city’s top stock cabinet companies whose staff will guide you through measurements, designs, materials, and installation instructions. In addition, these companies can do the installation for you or recommend an installer for the job.

Regarding stock cabinets, you have many choices! Stock cabinetry comes in a massive variety, which will help you design your dream kitchen or bathroom. So what are the common types of stock cabinetry for Winnipeg homeowners? Below we list those common types and finishing options for each cabinet.

Common types of stock cabinetry

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

MDF is an engineered wood product. The wood particles are all broken down into small but equal sizes and held together with resin. Those equally sized wood particles allow MDF to be denser than a product like a particle board. The strength of MDF as a cabinet material allows for other materials to be placed on top for different finishes. For example, wood veneer can be placed over the MDF for a more natural look. Or, an acrylic coating can be used over the cabinet for a pop of colour.

Furniture board or particle board

Particle board is also made up of broken-down wood particles. However, these pieces are inconsistently sized. This makes particle board a less dense and less durable cabinet material than MDF. However, these wood products can be strengthened as cabinets with laminate or veneer finishes.

Solid wood

The solid wood species available to Winnipeg cabinet companies will vary from one to the other. However, there are some common types that homeowners can rely on for stock cabinets. Those wood species include oak, maple, cherry, alder, pine, or birch. Furthermore, each type of wood comes in a variety of cool or warm shades of stain colours.

What to consider before installing cabinets

Your installation timeline

Any DIY installation will require some time and project management. But that is where the pros can be a huge help. The best stock cabinet companies in Winnipeg that we list below can give you tips on how to set your timeline. Ask yourself about booking time off work or how to arrange the pickup and deliveries.

Do you have the right tools to install cabinets?

Even if you don’t have the right tools, there are tool rental companies in Winnipeg! Your cabinet project can also be an excellent time to stock your home with DIY renovation essentials.


These two elements do not need to be replaced together for every project. However, many bathroom and kitchen renovations are more straightforward when you do both. This is especially true if you are installing the cabinets yourself. The top stock cabinet companies in Winnipeg can often make expert recommendations on pairing your new cabinets with new countertops.

Hardware and accessories

Stock cabinets from the same suppliers and manufacturers will usually use the same type of hardware. This cabinet hardware could include handles and knobs, hinges, tracks, or shelves. The kind of stock cabinet you choose will determine the type of hardware you get or can use with the cabinet. Some options to consider are hidden hinges or soft-close drawers and doors.

The Best Stock Cabinet Companies in Winnipeg

Regarding stock cabinets specifically, these companies will always be customer-service focused. Stock cabinets are about a designing process, a shopping process, and then ensuring DIY goes off without a hitch (either DIY or with the company installing). So the best stock cabinet companies make you feel more at ease.

These companies are chosen for a proven track record of exceptional customer service, among other features. RenovationFind Certified companies have shown proof of a business license, insurance, and WCB coverage. They’ve also cleared screening on their legal history and financial health and are continually monitored to ensure compliance with our high standards.

Below, in no specific order, are the best stock cabinet companies in Winnipeg.

1. QuixGroup

Phone 431-374-8755
RenovationFind Profile–7728

QuixGroup started in Winnipeg in 1984 as CAMSAN. As CASMAN, they began with manufacturing medium-density fibreboard panels. Today as QuixGroup, they are one of Winnipeg’s leading installers and suppliers of stock cabinets. The inspiration behind QuixGroup’s cabinet, countertop, and flooring designs is European. They use European styles to add decorative flare to all of their materials.

The decorative MDF panels are now available in various colours and finishes. QuixGroup can help with kitchen transformations and beyond. Their team will focus on keeping your project on budget and on time.

Key Services & Features

– Supplier of stock cabinetry in Winnipeg
– MDF cabinet manufacturer
– J-Door cabinets
– Lacquered UV panel cabinets
– High-pressure laminate countertops
– High gloss or super matte cabinet finishes
– Cabinetry for bathrooms, living rooms, and other living spaces
– Parquet flooring

Customer Feedback

Great products and services.

– Tria, Google

I purchased all of my 12mm Laminate for my new home. Alp was great to deal with and accommodating when I needed certain times for pick up. Great quality product for an amazing price. Thank you!

– Christian, Google

2. DIY Cabinet Warehouse – Factory Kitchens Direct

No photo description available.

Phone 204-943-6180

Factory Kitchens Direct may also be known by a second name. The Winnipeg stock cabinet company started over 30 years ago as the DIY Cabinet Warehouse. The company now operates cabinet stores and installations in Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg. Factory Kitchens Direct takes pride in its high-quality, factory-assembled cabinetry. Their DIY cabinets come with all the necessary pieces for a smooth installation every time.

Additionally, their team will keep an eye on home style trends and design innovations. Currently, Factory Kitchens Direct offer homeowners digital drawings of their cabinet and countertop plans. This is a great chance to discuss all your questions with the Factory Kitchens sales experts.

Key Services & Features

– Lifetime warranty on cabinets
– Stock laminate countertops
– Supplier of stock cabinetry in Winnipeg
– Cabinetry for bathrooms, living rooms, and other living spaces
– Furniture board cabinet manufacturer
– Simple DIY installation process
– Offer digital plans and drawings for homeowners

Customer Feedback

I can’t single just one aspect.from start to finish, the were professional,responsive, on time. If there was a issue they were on top of it no questions asked Natasha & Bob know their craft inside & out. Highly recommend factory kitchen direct for you next project.. Thanks again for a job well done!

-Jeffrey, Google

3. A+ Value Cabinetry & Countertops

Phone 204-869-5665

A+ Value Cabinetry & Countertops is a full-service renovation company. Their dedicated team of experts can take your project from beginning to end. They can start with designs and help you plan your renovations with great attention to detail and style. A+ offers a wide variety of in-stock products for the DIY crowd. Plus, they have a trusted team of installers for almost any part of your renovations.

Homeowners can also trust A+ Value Cabinetry & Countertops to complete the renovation. They offer custom home renovations for any room. Count on A+ for cabinet installations, custom cabinet designs, or recommendations on cabinets for you to install.

Key Services & Features

– Cabinetry for bathrooms, living rooms, and other living spaces
– Stock vanities
– Furniture sales
– Supplier of stock cabinetry in Winnipeg
– Custom kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations
– Installation services for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and tiles
– MDF and plywood cabinets

Customer Feedback

I found this company when looking for some drawer space for my kids. Not only were the dressers we found reasonably priced but they are very quality! The pieces all fit beautifully and have really interesting look to them- no handles (rather hand sized depressions) to potential loosen.
I did have a small issue with hardware but was immediately helped out.
While in the showroom I was able to see some of the cabinetry they also offer – it is very beautiful and again- the materials are very quality. Recommend you take a look!

-Randy, Google

4. Cowry Cabinets

Customer Reviews - Winnipeg Cowry

Phone 204-691-9922

Winnipeg’s Cowry Cabinets are customer-focused in many ways. When you hire Cowry to find your perfect cabinets, you get to depend on timely and affordable services. Cowry ensures a fast delivery on all cabinet orders (within 5-7 days!) and cabinet selections for various budgets. The Cowry cabinets are made from solid wood with concealed hinges. These are available in multiple finishes, stains, and colours. You can choose the Cowry cabinetry line for a traditional, modern, classic, or elegant style. These are versatile styles of cabinetry, great for any room.

Cowry Cabinets offer cabinet sales, vanity sales, and installation services for those less comfortable with renovations.

Key Services & Features

– Supplier of stock cabinetry in Winnipeg
– Stock vanities
– Cabinet installations
– Custom kitchen cabinets
– Cabinetry for bathrooms, living rooms, and other living spaces
– Solid wood cabinets
– 10-year warranty on cabinets and a lifetime warranty on hardware

Customer Feedback

I am so glad we found Cowry Cabinets and chose them for our kitchen renovation. The price and quality is great, but what really stands out was the experience of working with them. David provided amazing service, helped us find the best design for our space and always kept us in the loop so we knew what to expect. There were no surprise price increases or costs. The installers were friendly, professional and did a great job. I 100% recommend Cowry Cabinets and plan to use them again to redo my basement bar in the future.

-Bernice, Google

5. Fehr’s Cabinet Warehouse

Phone 204-746-2223
RenovationFind Profile

Fehr’s Cabinet Warehouse can be a Winnipeg go-to for various cabinet types. However, their specialties are solid wood cabinets. Fehr’s Cabinet Warehouse started almost 30 years ago with owner Henry Fehr. He is an experienced cabinet designer with decades spent in the home renovation field. He now employs fellow skilled cabinet makers, designers, and sales staff. In addition to their in-house help, Fehr’s works with three cabinet supplies to offer customers options. These stock cabinet options can include oak, maple, cheer, or alder wood.

Furthermore, each of the cabinet materials sourced is available in different finishes or stains. Fehr’s proudly supplies these products through one of the largest cabinet showrooms in Manitoba. Stop by the Winnipeg cabinet showroom for a better idea of the variety. In addition to the beautiful wood cabinetry on display, there are also vanities, countertops, hardware, and accessories.

The majority of Fehr’s work can be viewed around Winnipeg homes. But they also service the surrounding areas and can offer their cabinets in more remote Manitoba areas.

Key Services & Features

– One of the largest cabinet showrooms in Manitoba
– Work with cabinet suppliers Decor Cabinets, Urban Effects Cabinetry, and Superior Cabinets
– Fibreboard, MDF, and solid wood cabinets
– High gloss finishes
– Granite and marble countertops
– Cabinet and countertop installations
– Solid wood cabinets in various different wood species

Customer Feedback

Henry Fehr himself came to my house in rural southern MB and gave me a free design and quote for my kitchen; loved what he came up with!

-Lauren, Google

Stock Cabinet Companies in Winnipeg

The city’s cabinet suppliers and manufacturers offer many premade stock cabinets and often offer other types of take-home project materials. For example, homeowners can find vanities, sinks, furniture, and countertops, to add to their renovations. Plus, several home renovation contractors will benefit from knowing these top stock cabinet makers and suppliers in Winnipeg. If you’re ready to make some changes around the home while saving money, contact a stock cabinet company today.

Remember that while DIY cabinet installation can save money, there are several benefits to hiring a professional installer. They can save you time and stress and ensure the job is done right. Employing a designer with the installer ensures your new cabinets fit seamlessly in your kitchen design. In addition, professional installation reduces the chance of damage that requires purchasing replacement parts and provides top-quality results.

Contact a reputable stock cabinet company to start your home renovation!

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