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3 Reasons to Install an Air Conditioner

It’s freezing outside, and there is snow on the ground. During the cold winter, the last thing on your mind is an air conditioner. We do get cold weather in [...]

Tell-Tale Signs Your Plumbing Is in Trouble

A problem with your home’s plumbing system will not only drain your patience and energy, but also your bank account. Keeping an eye on your plumbing system [...]

Do Your Mechanical Systems Need Repair?

Air Conditioning
When all the systems in your home are running smoothly, it's easy to forget about frequent maintenance and up keep. Problems can sneak up on you! This is why [...]

Save Money While Saving the Planet

Cutting down carbon emissions is essential to preserving our planet’s environment. By making some simple lifestyle choices and switching to more [...]

What is Hydronic Heating?

heating and air contioning in Edmonton
How does hydronic heating work? Hydronic heating uses piping to run hot liquid, either water or glycol, beneath your floor, along base board heaters or [...]

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Repair or Replacement?

When it's running smoothly, it's easy to not think about your air conditioner. When there is an issue with it and you're stuck in the heat in the peak of [...]

Install an AC in Edmonton – GET AIR MILES® Reward Miles

When you think about living in Edmonton, you might not think about needing air conditioning. It’s true that are summers are not the longest, but they [...]

Importance of Home Comfort

Your heating and cooling system is essential to the operation of your home. Ensuring it is operating at maximum efficiency will reduce energy use and cut [...]

All Season Home Comfort

Think about what makes your home comfortable. It’s important that your home is kept warm and cozy in the winter months and cool in the summer, but have [...]

Time to Replace Your Furnace?

What you should know about replacing your furnace: Are you considering replacing your old furnace? Furnace Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning in [...]