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Foundation and structural concrete repair

Discovering your home or commercial building has foundation issues is stressful. Depending on the severity of the damage, it would mean an extensive and [...]

Top 8 Reasons to Fix Cracks in Your Foundation

Blog written by Groon Construction in Calgary Your house is only as strong as its base. Here are our top 8 reasons why you should fix a crack in your [...]

Signs you have foundation issues

If your house has a foundation problem, you want to fix it right away. If you don’t, your basement and walls can become damaged and you’ll risk the [...]

Protect Your Foundation with Basement Waterproofing

To avoid damage to your foundation, consider basement waterproofing in Toronto. Not only can this keep your home in good shape through any weather that [...]

Use Screw Piles For Home Building Projects

If you’re building a structure on your city or acreage lot, it’s important to have a strong and secure foundation. You can toil and labour with an [...]